Recreational games

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Drinking games for two are rather rare. Most drinking games involve large groups. But what if you feel ...
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Playing hide and seek – “Come on, let's play hide and seek”, who doesn't know that from childhood? ...
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Shock 5 (1)
The Schocken rules of the game are simple and easy to understand. You need a minimum of 4 ...
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Pretty much everyone knows the classic board game that goes with it, but do you already know that ...
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Monday painter 0 (0)
Rules of the game for “Monday painters” The game Monday Painter is a painting and pantomime game in ...
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Guess celebrity 0 (0)
Celebs guess is for everyone party the hit. The game Celebrity Guess is a lot of fun and ...
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Movie drinking games are old hat, but are always played with pleasure. There is nothing better than sitting ...
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The parlor game Who would rather … is often played at weddings or parties. The nice thing about ...
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I have never… 1 (1)
That Drinking game “I have never …” can be played spontaneously, because you don't need any preparation. The ...
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The Drinking game Flunkyball Many also know it under the name of beer ball. It is played outside ...
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Kings Cup or Big Kings Cup is one of the most popular drinking games. Since it is now ...
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The guessing game who am I is enjoyed by both children and adults. The practical thing is that ...
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Sink ships 0 (0)
Sink ships is a classic among travel games. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, an opponent ...
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Drink Monopoly 0 (0)
For the drinking game Monopoly you need the well-known Monopoly game board and at least four participants. You ...
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Similar to the Tricks for the big ones it goes at Kniffel kids about rolling certain combinations of ...

Leisure games are very popular and always fun. Here you will find the best party games, group games, drinking games or birthday games with the rules and instructions for each game. Have fun browsing!
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