The Drinking game Flunkyball Many also know it under the name of beer ball. It is played outside and you need a lot of space. So make sure that you find a large meadow, because there will be a nice housekeeping. With two teams of at least 4 – 6 players it will be a lot of fun.

Flunkyball rules and instructions

The playing time of Flunkyball is about 30 to 60 minutes. Since there are probably hundreds of rules at Flunkyball, there is an initiative that is working on a structure for Flunkyball. The goal is to create a Germany-wide Flunkyball league where there are official champions to be chosen.

Player at Flunkyball

  • 1 referee
  • from 4 people (but optimally 4 – 6 people per team)

Required game material

  • 1-15 empty plastic bottles or cans
  • 1 ball or other projectile
  • at least 1 bottle of beer per person

Game flow of Flunkyball

The playing field

flunkyball playing field

First divide the players into two teams of equal size. The playing field, a meadow or free parking space is split in half. Then place a row with the desired number of bottles or cans on the center line. You can also fill in some water to stabilize the bottles. The two teams line up about 5 meters parallel to the center line.

Rules of the game

Before the start of the game, each player receives an opened or unopened beer, which he places in front of him. You have a ball and you agree on which team can start. The aim is to hit the bottles in the middle with the ball. If a bottle is hit, the whole team must prepare their beer and drink until the opponent has raised the bottle again, fetched the ball and held it in the air with his hands. Then it is immediately “put down the bottles” and put them on the floor. Then it is the turn of the opposing team.

Bierball & Flunkyball penalties

flunkyball rules of the game
  • Beer foams over – Suspend additional bottle for the player or a round
  • Beer tips over – Suspend additional bottle for the player or two rounds
  • Insult the referee – Additional bottle for the player or expulsion
  • just drank like that – additional bottle for the player
  • Vomit – penalty beer
  • loser – Drink up old beer in one fell swoop and drink a penalty beer

Game variants


There are innumerable variations or variations of the game. Most often, the rules are changed when it comes to the distance to the center line. The further away you stand, the more difficult it is of course. The difficulty can also be changed with the ball, the smaller the ball, the more difficult it will of course be to hit the bottle or can in the middle.

  • Nudist Flunkyball – No clothes, play stark naked.
  • Ski – ideal in winter and only to be played in the snow with ski boots.
  • Flankyball – so named in various federal states.
  • Ultimate on ice – Flunkyball is played here on ice in winter.
  • 3 second rule – there must not be a drop in the bottle or can.
  • Sudden Death – no beer, only high proof! Fast end guaranteed.
  • Projectiles – here you don't play with a ball, but with what is at hand (shoe, stick or similar)

Flunkyball is over

The team that emptied all of its beers first wins. If you don't hit a bottle in the middle, the opposing team immediately receives the ball.

Flunkyball rules

You can also find out more about the rules of the game, penalties or variants here at Wikipedia read up.

Flunkyball questions & answers

Which versions of Flunkyball are there?

On the one hand there is the naked version, in which all players have absolutely nothing on. Then there is the hardcore version in which no beer is drunk but schnapps, whiskey or grain. The winter version in ski boots or on the ice are also very popular.

How many players do you need?

You can play this game from four players, so there are two teams with two players each facing each other. In our opinion, it is really fun only for 6 people or more.

How do you play Flunky Ball?

In this game two teams face each other, in the middle there is a plastic bottle with water. The distance should be about 8 meters, but this can also be reduced. Then a team tries to knock the bottle over with a ball. If this succeeds, the opposing team has to get the ball and put the bottle back on its place, and during this time the other team is allowed to drink 🙂

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