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Here you will find hundreds of rules and instructions for board games, leisure games, sports, fun and games. There are instructions and rules for every game, which you can find easily, free of charge and mostly in the original as download PDF . Have fun!

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There are rules and instructions for every parlor game. If you have misplaced or lost it, you can download the rules of the game here. Here you will find the rules of the game for almost all board games. For many board games ( like this one on ), Card games, dice games or quiz games you will find the appropriate rules and instructions here.


This game is one of the most famous and popular…


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Every party and every celebration is only really fun with funny games. Here you will find over 750 drinking games and party games with descriptions and instructions. You can download many of the rules of the game from us as PDF files for free.


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Without rules you cannot evaluate clear results in sport. With us you will find the rules of the game for many sports such as football, handball, hockey or tennis. The official rules of the associations can also be downloaded here free of charge as a PDF.

Penalty kick

If a player is fouled in the opposing team's penalty…


The tennis court The tennis court is rectangular and 23.77…

Hockey field

Hockey field

Hockey is practiced as a field and indoor sport. Depending…

Yellow card / red card

Yellow card and red card – If a player violates…

Soccer field

Every playing field in the Soccer is subject to exact…

penalties shoot

There is a penalty shoot-out in football games where no…

Rules of the game

Game rules & game instructions


You can find rules and instructions for every type of game at Rules of the game for board games, dice games, children's games, Slot machines , Role play or drinking games are available on our site. We provide many of them for free download in the event that instructions are lost or misplaced. Take your time to look around until you have found the right set of instructions.


Almost all games are fun, but only if there are rules for them. Without this, every game would sink into chaos and every disagreement would degenerate into an argument. For this reason there are guidelines and instructions for every game; if these are not followed, a rule violation has occurred.

Game instructions

Who does not know that? You want to go to a game night and choose a board game, but the instructions are missing. Here on our site you will find a test for almost every game (see also: ) and original instructions to download. So the evening is saved and you can start having fun with friends or family.

Rules of the game in the following categories are waiting for you

Here you will find a selection of the most popular games and their rules. You can download all game instructions from us as PDF.

  • Gesellschaftsspiele
  • Sports rules
  • Recreational games
  • Gambling
  • App instructions

Game descriptions

Numerous game descriptions await you here, for many games there are rules such as fantasy games, online role-playing games, children's games and more. The offer also includes detailed instructions and downloads for board games – whether known or unknown – we have the right instructions and useful tips ready for you! Here you will find game instructions and game descriptions for the most popular board games. Whether card games, online MMORPG (like this one here ), Board games, quizzes or games of skill: if you are looking for the right rules, you are sure to find what you are looking for here. If you have misplaced the instructions for one of your games, you may find them here as a PDF download.

Rules of the game

We also offer you an extensive selection of party games, games for children's birthday parties or drinking games for your next party. In the sports section, we have compiled descriptions and rules for the most popular sports. If you are looking for rules for casino games, you could also find what you are looking for on, because we have also included the rules for roulette and poker on our website.

If you like to indulge in gambling and table games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat as well as slot machines or the one-armed bandits, you will find helpful tips on our website for both the arcade and the now very popular Online casino . For some time now, through casino advertising on TV, online casinos and their games have become more and more popular, because there ( ) you can play Book of Ra without real money.

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