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Are you bored in bed? Not with one of these erotic games! Not anymore. You need a lot of erotic fantasies, cards, dice, board games and a lot of time and rest for two. All games have one thing in common, there is no loser but only two winners. We have described the most well-known erotic games in a little more detail here. For couples or swingers, card games with erotic questions and answers are most popular. Every erotic game is different, but which ones are the best? We have described the most well-known erotic games for you in more detail here.

The best adult games & how to play them


True love game

Wahre Liebe Erotik Spiele

This True Love board game is an erotic game for couples where tender feelings and new intimate experiences are not neglected. The game contains 480 cards with a wide variety of erotic questions and tasks. Here you can significantly expand your sexual limits and find out what needs your partner has. Certainly something you didn’t know about. The game evokes different feelings of respectful, funny and exciting. See for yourself how far you want to go here and surprise each other. Nobody is forced to do anything and everyone can carry out the tasks according to their own ideas. If you want to get to know each other a little better and add variety to your sex life, then this board game is the right choice. This game is available from Thalia , among others.


Love game

In love picture

Another great game for couples is the partner game In Love. This game can seduce, but it also encourages talking and cuddling. Here questions are asked and tasks and challenges also play a role. You deal with yourself but also with your partner, as there is a lot of talk about the relationship. The partner game In Love is ideal for getting to know each other even better. Hidden desires and sides come to light. It is also an extremely varied game. At the game and many other erotic games are even available free of charge.

Adult Games – No Limit

No Limit is more of a party game with fun guaranteed. It’s a kind of truth or dare only in an aggravated version. It can be played by two or more people. Borderline tasks and embarrassing questions guarantee fun and excitement. Alternatively, No Limit is also available as a drinking game to sweeten any celebration.

You don’t ask like that

In the card game Sowas you don’t ask, the players draw cards and have to answer questions. You can also shut up, pass and not answer. But if you pass too many times, you lose and are penalized. Of course it is a matter of honor to answer the questions truthfully.


Privacy QuickiePrivacy Quickie

The bare facts are brought to the table here at Privacy Quickie, but anonymously. Everyone in the group answers the controversial questions with a yes or no on a pad. Then it’s about who can best assess the other players. Tips are given before the questions are asked. The player who comes close or hits the actual number gets points.

More erotic games (also for swingers)

Adult Games – You & Me

You & Me for couples is a dice and card game at the same time. Here you get romantic inspirations and exciting rendezvous. Alternately, the dice are rolled and then you do what is described on the cards on your partner. The partner who spoils gets points. With 30 points you are the winner. Here it is better to give than to receive. To restore balance, the winner receives a romantic and sexual favor from their partner.

Vertelli’s partner edition

The erotic card game Vertellis Partner Edition helps you and your partner to dream of the future, create beautiful memories and make plans. It all happens in a fun and playful way. Banish all distractions around you, turn off your cell phones. Spend quality time offline and find out what it feels like for your relationship to give each other genuine attention. Because in a strong relationship, good communication is an important aspect. Here we discuss together in a playful and positive way. There are topics such as finances, family, dreams and much more.

hot affairHot Affair Erotik Spiele

Orion has released this exciting and erotic board game for couples. It lets you get closer and encourages seduction. Slip into different roles, answer the questions and complete the tasks. The role-playing games reveal completely new aspects and preferences in your partner. Here you can also live out your own erotic desires. Who knows, maybe you will also discover common fantasies that connect you. To give the whole game zest, the cards are divided into four different themes. The themes are passion, intimacy, fantasy and eroticism. It is one of the most popular erotic games.

The game of Eden – erotic games

Erotic game Eden

The Eden game is an erotic card game for couples and swingers. There are instructions or hints on each card that one of the partners must carry out. These tendernesses described should seduce each other and rediscover the partner. Especially when relationships are dormant, the Eden game tries to bring a breath of fresh air back into it. Here you get closer again in a new, unknown form.

Erotic game – lust dice

Especially in long relationships it is important to try new things together. You can surprise each other every now and then with the erotic pleasure cubes. For couples who want to bring even more passion into their relationship, this game is a win. Each of the three dice represents a category. The green die decides where the couple gets closer (bathtub, bed, carpet…), the red die says how (kiss, nibble, tickle…) and the blue die determines the spot like neck, bottom, mouth, etc. In this way you get a little closer, because new places and constellations are tried out together.

Adult Games – Make me hot

The sex card game Make me hot is a simple card game for couples. It will help to get rid of inhibitions, give courage to do things that you normally don’t dare. It’s an unconventional erotic game and definitely fun. Look forward to unforgettable erotic experiences together, from foreplay to sweet sexual climax.

Yes, yes – erotic game

An erotic card game for couples who want to get closer is But But. It’s a game for the first step of seduction. Here you will not be asked to be naked and engage in sexual acts, no. In the foreground it is about sensing. Erotic cards are played in three rounds. There you have to bring together the two halves that belong together. Once you have done that, you ask your partner a question. Later in the game it’s all about physical touch. Sensitive cheating is allowed here and sometimes even desired.

Top 10 best erotic games online

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