Drinking games without accessories

Who does not know that? You're on the go, want to play drinking games with friends and nobody has accessories or utensils with you. This means that no dice, cards or anything else are required. We have the solution! 5 of the best no-accessory drinking games to play just like that.

Drinking games without accessories & without utensils

A duck with 2 legs


It is important to remember the sentence:

“A duck with 2 legs goes into the water. Splash. Splash. “

The difficult thing is that not only one person says the sentence, but that it is distributed among four people.

  1. Player: “A duck”
  2. Person: “with 2 legs”
  3. Teammate: “goes into the water.”
  4. Player: “Split, splash.”

Then the round starts all over again. The difference is that a duck is always added. Then there are no longer just two but four legs that go into the water and it then splash, splash, splash, splash. This is played until someone makes a mistake. It would be a mistake, for example, to make a mistake or forget to commit. If that happens, then of course you have to drink.

Damn seven

Rules of the game

Certain numbers must not be pronounced but must be replaced by the word “schnapps”. And these numbers are affected:

  • Any number that contains a 7 (7.17, 27.37, etc.)
  • Where the 7 appears as a cross sum (7, 16, 25, 34 etc.)
  • For all numbers that are divisible by 7 (7, 14, 21, 28 …)


In turn, the players count from 1 up to 100. Those who are good can of course also count beyond 100. If one of the numbers comes that cannot be mentioned, the other player simply says “Schnaps”. If he messes up, he'll have to drink some schnapps. After the schnapps, the count continues. The player can decide whether to start over or simply continue the sequence of numbers.

Yes No Maybe

Game preparation

It is best if all players sit in a circle with the alcohol that has been determined beforehand in the middle. You choose a player who has to answer the questions of his fellow players. It doesn't matter whether the youngest or oldest player starts or one starts voluntarily.


The beginner is now asked questions and has one minute to answer them. All questions must be answered. The player is not allowed to answer yes, no or maybe. If he does, then he has to drink. It is also forbidden to answer the questions with the same answers. When the minute is up, it is the next player's turn.

Message in a bottleFlaschenpost


Here a circle of seats is formed again and the starting player starts counting at 1 and then it goes on in turn. In this game you cannot say 5 or a number that contains a 5 or that can be divided by five. Instead, you always say the word “bottle” when one of the numbers comes up. An additional change of direction can increase the difficulty of the game. This means that whenever the word “bottle” is used, the game direction is changed.

Game expansion

The game can be expanded to include the option that if the 7 is dropped, a 7 appears in it or is divisible by 7, the word “Post” is dropped. If the numbers 35, 57 and 75 fall then you shout “Message in a bottle” and all players drink something as a reward.

Throw bottle capsKronkorken werfen

Game preparation

The beer bottles and in the best case already crown corks from empty beer bottles are distributed to the players. Then the players sit across from each other a good two meters away and look at each other. Each player places his bottle on the floor in front of him and puts a bottle cap upside down on it.


The two players take turns throwing the bottle caps at the opponent's bottle. If you can do that, the opponent has to take a sip from his bottle and then put the crown cap back on. It is the turn of the successful shooter again if he has made it. If he manages that again, the opponent has to take two sips from his bottle. This continues until the shooter no longer hits and is then thrown alternately again. If one of the beer bottles is empty, the game ends of course.


  • Determines a certain amount beforehand that must be drunk instead of just one sip
  • The game is also possible with 3 players if you can sit down at about the same distance. Everyone then chooses which bottle they want to aim at

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