Don’t be angry with drinking games

Pretty much everyone knows the classic board game that goes with it, but do you already know that people don't get angry ? You don't need any tokens for this, because you use shot glasses filled directly instead. Everyone has the game board at home, otherwise you just have to make one.

Don't worry, drinking game rules

You can already play the drink game with two people , but 8 to 12 players are ideal. Please make sure that all players are of legal age if you play with hard liquor. You don't have the board game at hand? Then quickly make one.

Required game material

  • 1 man don't get angry game board
  • Shot glasses instead of pawns
  • cube
  • alcohol

Preparing for a game for humans do not annoy you drinking game

If you don't have a game at hand, you can quickly design a new one on a sheet of paper or, even better, on cardboard. It would make sense if you directly record more than four fields, i.e. 8 to 12 fields. You are sure to go to parties more often and so you can play it with more than four or six players.


Instead of the pawns, place shot glasses, filled of course, on the starting fields. Ideally, everyone should mark their glasses with colored ribbons or colored adhesive tape. Now you roll the dice as normal and play the game according to the normal set of rules. If you get thrown, you have to empty your glass and fill it up again. If you have safely stowed the shot glass in the house, you can drink it empty.

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