Man don’t get angry

Don't get angry ” rules of the game – it is a well-known parlor game and very popular with young and old. With a maximum of 4 (or 6 players, depending on the game board) and at least 2 players, Mensch ärgere dich nicht can be played. For “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” there is a separate board that can be played by four on one side and six on the back. Each player receives 4 figures in one color.

Don't be angry rules & instructions

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Data & facts

Spielalter‎:ab 5 Jahren
Spieldauer:ca. 30 Min.
Spieleranzahl‎:2-4 Spieler
Ersterscheinung‎: im Jahr ‎1910
Spieleverlag:Schmidt Spiele

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Object of the game Don't get angry

The aim of the game is to be the first to bring all 4 figures into the target area (your own house). You have to go around the path around all target and start fields with your playing figures.

Course of the game & rules of the game

Each player may roll the dice 3 times, whoever rolls the highest number starts. If you have a six, you can place the first piece on the starting field. Then you can roll the dice one more time and move forward by the number thrown. Those players who don't have a six in the first round then have to roll the dice 3 times again until they roll the desired number.

As soon as you have a figure on the starting position, it is important to bring it to the finish as quickly as possible. If you roll a six again, you must first move the remaining pieces from the starting position and place them on the starting field. Only when all the pieces are in circulation can the six be extended.

If you come with a piece on a field on which a piece is already standing, you can capture it and this playing piece of the opponent must return to the starting position outside the playing fields on which you are allowed to move. With a six it can then be brought back into play.

If there is one of your own on a space you want to advance to, you have to make the move with another piece, because you cannot capture yourself.

All playing figures must be brought into the target fields after they have covered the full circle. You may not skip the pieces that are already at the goal, but each must move up individually so that all the game pieces can find a place on the target fields.

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

Gallery of different game boards

Different variations

There are many different variants and modifications of the game for Mensch ärgere dich nicht. On Wikipedia , variants such as do not lose your head , Zoff der guilds or Unity mach Stark are described in more detail. A drinking game version is also popular at parties or with friends. The basic goal remains the same everywhere, you have to bring your pawns into the house or the stable.

Human game content don't annoy you

  • Game board
  • 1 cube
  • 16 wooden pawns
  • manual

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

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FAQ – Don't get angry

How many players is the game for?

Mensch ärgere Dich nicht

There are two variants here. One for 4 players and the other for 6 players. The 6-player version is often on the back of the game board.

How often can you dice to get out of the house?

Each player has 3 throws per round to leave the house with one figure with six eyes. This applies both at the beginning of the game when the dice are thrown and during the game when there are otherwise no more pieces on the track.

What if you roll a 6 4 times in a row?


In this case you only have to move the figure 5 fields instead of 6 fields or you agree before the game that you have to roll the dice until there are no more six.

Don't you have to throw everyone and everybody with Mensch ärgere?

YES! Throwing is a must in the game! You can't take sides here and spare someone. If the number falls exactly on an opposing figure, it must be “transported back to the house”.

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