Shut the box

If you like tactical dice games, Shut The Box should not be missing on the game shelf. The game is also perfect as a travel game because it is small and fits in every pocket and backpack. You can also roll the dice in the compact folding box without losing any parts.

Shut The Box game instructions and rules

Spielalter:ab 5 Jahren
Spieldauer:ca. 15 - 20 Min.
Spieleranzahl‎:2 - 4 Spieler
Ersterscheinung‎: unbekannt

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Game content from Shut The Box

The Shut The Box game set contains the following game components:

  • Wooden dice board with numbered flaps
  • 2 number dice

Depending on the manufacturer, a dice cup is included.

Goal of the game

The aim of the dice game is to fold down as many number flaps as possible using the numbers on the dice. The minus points, which result from not flipped over numbers after the game round, are noted. Whoever reaches the penalty score of 45 points is eliminated. The winner is the player who is left at the end.


shut the box
First you open all the numbers in the dice box. The first one goes and rolls both dice. The eyes of both dice are added together. Now the player folds the flaps at will, which result in the previously added number.

Calculation example

For example, if a player rolls eight pips, the following flaps can be folded down:

  • 1+7
  • 2+6
  • 3+5
  • 1+2+5
  • 1+3+4

The dicing process is repeated until no more flaps can be closed. If there is only a total of six or less left on the number flaps, you only roll one dice further. If no more moves are possible, that player’s turn is over. Now the sum of the numbers on the flaps that are still open is noted as minus points. Passes the board in clockwise order so that each player can make his move. Little by little, the other players are eliminated (see goal of the game). Whoever is left at the end is the winner of the game round.

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

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