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Celebs guess is for everyone party the hit. The game Celebrity Guess is a lot of fun and it will definitely be funny. Here you can read how to play the game and how it works. We have also written examples of celebrities directly to you.

Celebrity advise guidance and rules


• From two players


• 1 sticky note per person
• 1 pen

How to play

Everyone thinks of a well-known figure or person for the celebrity guess and the neighbor has to guess who it is. The paper is stuck to the forehead of the next man and off you go.

Rules of the game Guess celebrities

Everyone now asks a question one after the other that can be answered with yes or no. For example: “Am I a woman” etc. If the answer is yes, then you can continue guessing. If the answer is no, then it is the next person’s turn and may ask their question to the group. Make sure to write down someone who can be guessed. There’s no point writing a footballer down if you have absolutely no idea about football. Whoever guessed his character first is the winner. The rest of the round can continue playing until all names have been guessed.

Celebs guess suggestions

Abraham Lincoln Angela Merkel La mamma Theodor Heuss
Donald Duck Harry Potter Taylor Swift Spongebob
Elvis Presley Isaac Newton Stefan Raab Michael Jackson
Colt Sievers John Paul II Miley Cyrus Thick and stupid
Barack Obama Charlemagne Marlon Brando George W. Bush
Princess Lily Fairy Jeniffer Lopez Heidi Klum Helmut Kohl
Lady Gaga Otto Walkes Zeus Jogi Loew
Muhammad Ali
Dalai Lama
Elizabeth II
Dieter Bohlen
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Lothar Matthäus
Gerd Müller
Marilyn Monroe
Donald Duck
John Wayne
Henry mask
Winni the Pooh


and much more. You can choose almost any known person.

Guess celebrity game variants

Game preparation

Prepare around 40 index cards with celebrities. If the other players are not yet able to read well, pictures can also be used. The celebrities should come from different areas.

How to play

A selected player gets the hat on and sits across from the other players. In the brim of the hat, the game master places a card on it that is clearly visible to everyone else. Whoever wears the hat doesn’t know which person it is, but everyone else knows. The hat owner must now find out his name by asking questions.

He can ask up to 20 questions to his fellow players. The questions can be answered with yes or no. A possibly or not clearly answerable as well as completely unimportant can come as an answer. Of course, the answers must all be correct. The questions are counted by the game master so that it ends at twenty.

Celebrity winners guess

The winner is whoever has the most questions left. That means for every question that is left you get one point. Then the next player gets the hat on with a new card that can be guessed.

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