I have never…

That Drinking game “I have never …” can be played spontaneously, because you don't need any preparation. The more players you are, the more exciting it gets. However, you should be at least five people.

Never have I ever … – rules and instructions

The playing time of the drinking game is approximately 15 to 45 minutes. The funny thing about the drinking game is that sometimes very beautiful abysses open up. You will find out very strange things about your fellow players.

Required game material

Gameplay of Never Have I Ever …

I have never

Sit down with your fellow players in a circle at the table or on the floor. For example, in the middle of the circle you put a bottle of Coward.

The first one starts with the sentence “I've never …”. For example, he has never “eaten grass”. Everyone who has already done this has to drink. Either he drinks his own glass empty or the bottle in the circle is passed on. Then it is the turn of the next player. You will notice that very unusual things come to light that nobody would have expected. Some screams and thigh thugs are guaranteed.

Stricter rules

In order to avoid nonsensical sentences, you can let a player drink alone if he claims something that is almost impossible and no one else could have done.
You can also agree on a number of free shots on questions that you do not want to or cannot answer, for example. The game can also be in the direction of truth or dare, for example with a sexual context.

I've never… ask

  • had a car accident
  • sung in the shower
  • kissed the same sex
  • Made blue at school
  • dreamed of my boss
  • stolen something from a store
  • Newspaper used instead of toilet paper
  • dialed 110 or 112
  • kissed someone else's feet
  • annoyed the neighborhood children
  • belongs to a sect
  • made a dangerous test of courage
  • gambled all day
  • more time spent in bed than in front of the door
  • insulted someone via WhatsApp
  • won in a competition
  • secretly watched videos
  • took away an elderly person's seat on the bus
  • done something better than my friends
  • played for real money
  • peed while standing
  • cried for a day
  • talked about people in sleep
  • Stole my parents' money
  • begged for money

I've never been … perverted

  • forgot my underwear in the club
  • watched a porn alone
  • used a condom with taste
  • Had sex in my parents' bedroom
  • Played strip poker with friends
  • had a threesome
  • Broken a condom during sex
  • bought something in a sex shop
  • ordered something from Eis.de.
  • had a one night stand
  • having to laugh during sex
  • Thought of someone else while having sex
  • Watched porn online
  • Had oral sex
  • Had sex in the car
  • Had sex in a public toilet
  • faked an orgasm
  • watched someone masturbate
  • had sex on your period
  • Had sex with the ex
  • visited a brothel
  • sat naked in front of the PC
  • shaved my genital area
  • Done anal sex

I've never been … extreme

  • worn my underwear for 3 days in a row
  • had an STD
  • Eaten insects
  • kissed someone with bad breath
  • not showered for more than a week
  • killed an animal (fly, etc.)
  • Had sex without a shower
  • vomited the food because of alcohol
  • Stunk in the genital area
  • puffed
  • Swallowed sperm
  • Drugs taken
  • bullied someone
  • hurt myself
  • took an AIDS test
  • hurt a person
  • spat in glass on someone
  • intentionally drugged someone
  • Abused medication
  • spat in someone's face

I've never been online

i have never been online

There is now a whole website about this game. There you will find hundreds of questions and thousands of answers about I've never had, the popular party game. At https://ich-habe-noch-nie-online.de/ you can answer questions free of charge or look at questions for the next party.

I've never been – the hit on YouTube

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