Monday painter

Rules of the game for “Monday painters”

The game Monday Painter is a painting and pantomime game in which one player paints or pantomises a term and the others guess what it is. The age of the players does not play a major role here, but a minimum age of 8 years is recommended. No matter whether young or old, everyone will be equally enthusiastic.

Monday painter rules & instructions

This game is of course most fun in a large group , but it can also be played by 5 people or more. This game trains the perception, creativity, improvisation and assertiveness of each individual player well. This game can be used very well at social gatherings and is great for entertainment.

The sequence of the game and the items that are required to carry out the game “Monday Painter-Monday Actor” can be found in the following:

people :

  • 1 game master
  • from 5 people

material :

  • Overhead projector if available
  • large sheets of paper
  • pencils
  • prepared terms slip

Course of the game Monday painter :

Form two groups to compete against each other. Group A begins and the first player receives a piece of paper from you with a term on it. Now you have to draw this term as quickly as possible so that your group can guess it. Of course, if you had a daylight writer, this game would be the most powerful.

If the term has been guessed, the next member of his team paints it. That goes on until two minutes are up. Whoever has guessed the most terms in the given time wins the game. Instead of terms, it can also be proverbs, pop group names, film titles, locations, countries or activities. The second variant, instead of painting the terms, would be to mime them.


The game Monday Painters used to appear on TV, it is considered to be the pioneer of today's game shows. From 1974 to 1996 the program was an integral part of German television. For 45 minutes, more or less famous guests tried to guess drawn terms in teams.

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