Kings Cup

Kings Cup or Big Kings Cup is one of the most popular drinking games. Since it is now very well known, the game is played pretty much at every festival or celebration. Here you will find the rules and the procedure of the drinking game.

Kings Cup rules and instructions

The Kings Cup drinking game sometimes depends on acumen when it comes to rhyming or finding words, for example. For some cards, however, actions must also be carried out. In the end, people drink, drink and drink again. The drinking game is well known and also very popular, because boredom has no place here.

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  • at least 4 players, ages 18+

Required game material at Kings Cup

  • Playing cards
  • several glasses
  • 1 cup as “Kings Cup” for the middle of the table
  • alcoholic drinks

Kings Cup game preparation

At Kings Cup you put a cup upside down in the middle of the table. The players sit or stand around the table. Then a deck of cards is placed in a circle around the cup. Any number of people can take part – the more, the better.


All players draw a game card one after the other and depending on the card drawn or the value of the card, the player must perform the following actions.

2: “Category”

The player who draws a card with the number value 2 thinks up a category and all other players, clockwise, have to name a term for this category.

Take the beer category as an example : Becks, Jever, Krombacher etc.
The second example is the car brands category : Audi, Opel, Porsche, Fiat etc.

The person who cannot list any more words at first has to take a sip.

3: “rhyme”

The one who drew a 3 starts saying a sentence or a few words and the other players continue that sentence. The difficulty: they have to form a rhyme. The player who can no longer rhyme must have a drink. The emptier the glasses are in the course of the game, the more fun the rhymes become.


  • The 1st player says “I have a table …”
  • Player 2 continues with “… there is a fish underneath …”
  • Player 3 continues “… he looks seductive” etc.

4: “Questionmaster”

If someone draws the 4, nobody in the round is allowed to answer a question from the “Questionmaster”. If someone answers a question anyway, they have to take a sip. So always be careful which card has just come into play.

5: “Drink it yourself”

Well, bad luck (or luck?)! The player must / may drink a sip himself.

6: “Thumb Master”

The thumb master or, alternatively, the ear master may keep his thumb on the table at any time and the other players must then imitate him. The player who reacts last has to take a sip.

7: “Counting”

The players count one after the other. You start with 1 and continue counting in turn. For every number that contains a 7 or is divisible by it (e.g. 7, 14, 17, 21, 27, 28, 35, 37 etc.) all players must clap. The same applies here: If you make a mistake, you have to drink.

8: “Make up a rule”

The card with the 8 is one of the most popular cards. The player who drew this card invents a rule and all players in the round must obey it. Any rule violation is punished with a drink.

Examples of rules :

  1. In general, you are not allowed to ask any more questions
  2. Players are no longer allowed to look each other in the eye
  3. Your friends can no longer be called by their first name, etc.

9: “toilet card”

Only players who have drawn this card are allowed to use the toilet. Horror for people with weak alcohol bladders!

10: “Distribute 10 sips”

Good time for vengeance! You can distribute 10 sips to someone you either don't like at all or from whom you got sips yourself.

Jack: “Men drink”

Bottom up! All men take a sip.

Lady: “ladies drink”

Cheers! Now all women have a drink.

King: “Kings Cup”

The king is arguably the most feared card in the game. Whenever you draw this card, the player may, at his own discretion, fill his glass with a previously prepared glass. Whoever draws the last king has to exen the whole glass. Since players may have chosen different drinks at the start of the game, this can get pretty gross.

As: “Everyone is drinking”

This menu isn't particularly exciting because everyone simply drinks here.

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

Big Kings Cup rules changeable

Big Kings Cup rules

Of course, these are only exemplary rules of the game. Over time, of course, you can easily adjust them to your liking. You leave out some and add others in return. If you have any other funny ideas or have ever experienced something funny, please let us know in the comments.

Kings Cup rules explained in English

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