Sink ships

Sink ships is a classic among travel games. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, an opponent and off you go.

Ships sink rules & instructions


  • 2 players

Game material

  • Pens and paper

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The ships sink game board

Before starting, both players have to sketch the game plan on their paper. This can look like this, for example:

ships sink templateThe size of the field can be changed depending on the time and taste. It is important that the playing fields look identical. Now it is determined how many ships each can place in his playing field, the following ships are available:

  • 4 minesweepers = XX
  • 4 frigates = XXX
  • 2 cruisers = XXXX
  • 2 battleships = XXXXX

Short variant

  • 4 minesweepers = X
  • 4 frigates = XX
  • 2 cruisers = XXX
  • 2 battleships = XXXX

The number and size of the ships can also be set flexibly for larger schedules. Each “X” stands for a space on the game board. This means that the warship or cruiser consists of three adjacent fields (vertical or horizontal).

Now you enter the ships into your playing field at the same time (without the other being able to see it). It looks like this, for example, if 2 mine boats, 1 frigate, 2 cruisers and a battleship are specified:

sinking ships exampleNow the hunt begins, alternately you tell your opponent a space on which you suspect a ship, for example B 1. Now the opponent checks whether a ship or a part of a ship is placed on B 1 and gives the information “hit” or “no hit”. In our case it would be a “hit”. The field hit is marked. If all fields of a ship have been hit, the attacker is informed of the sinking of the ship. It is always helpful to make a note of where and which ships you have already met or sunk. This can be done, for example, with a different-colored pen or self-determined characters in your own game plan. There are no limits to creativity here.

Who is the winner?

In the end, the winner is the one who was the first to completely sink all of the opponent's ships.

Download game instructions & form for free

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