Movie drinking games

Movie drinking games are old hat, but are always played with pleasure. There is nothing better than sitting at home on your comfortable couch and enjoying the evening with your partner or friends. They watch a film together in good company. Establish the rules in advance for which statements, film scenes or situations should be drunk and off you go.

Movie drinking games instructions and rules


  • Two people or more (drinking alone is boring)


  • 1 TV
  • alcohol

Movie drinking games rules

Drinking games for different movies

For you there are over 50 different film suggestions for your film drinking game. But of course there are no limits because there are films like a dime a dozen. Get suggestions here and just let your imagination run wild with other films. As soon as one of the things about the film below is said or done one has to drink. The rules are that simple.

Colorful mixed movie drinking games

  • 300 – Spartans or Sparta are said
  • 8 mile – Eminem is the only white person in the scene
  • Batman – The name Batmann is mentioned
  • Catch Me If You Can – Leo is faking something or posing as someone else
  • The Great Gatsby – Old boy is pronounced
  • The Godfather – Mafia things happen
  • The White shark – Drink when the great white shark appears on the screen
  • The Smurfs – As soon as something is said about Smurf
  • The condemned – Morgan Freeman's voice can be heard off-screen
  • Django Unchained – As soon as the nasty N-word is said
  • Fight Club – Somebody gets hit in the face
  • Final destination – As soon as the subject of death comes up
  • Find Nemo – Dory forgot something again
  • Forrest Gump – In the movie someone says Forrest
  • Harry Potter – On a magic mission

Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Drinking Games

  • Someone is talking about the Black Pearl
  • In the film someone says Jack Sparrow

Lord of the rings Movie drinking games

  • A panorama scene appears on the screen
  • Frodo is afraid of something
  • Legolas looks thoughtful
  • In the movie someone says ring
  • The hobbits eat or are hungry again

Adventure, Action & Romance Drinking Games

  • Inception – Dream is said in the movie
  • Indiana Jones – Indy puts on his hat
  • Interview with a vampire – A vampire bites a human
  • Everyone James Bond Movie – Somebody says Bond
  • Jurassic Park – A dinosaur can be seen
  • Monster Inc – Drink as soon as a door opens
  • New kids – Boy or Mongo is what someone says in the film
  • Rambo – One dies
  • Scream – The Ghostface killer can be seen
  • Showgirls – Breasts appear in the scene
  • Sin City – As soon as something colored appears
  • Sissi – The names Franz or Sissi can be heard
  • Superbad – McLovin can be heard
  • The Fast & the Furious – As soon as a car race takes place
  • The Sixth Sense – A dead man appears in the scene

Star Wars drinking games

  • A lightsaber appears
  • The word power comes up

Titanic & Twilight drinking games

  • Titanic – You see water or the name “Jack” is dropped
  • Twilight – Bella's voice can be heard off-screen or Kristen Stewart looks blank

Classic & Zombie Drinking Games

  • And the marmot greets you every day – Whenever the day starts all over again
  • Blown by the wind – As soon as someone says Tara
  • WALL-E – When the name Eve or Wall-E comes up
  • Wolf of Wall Street – Leo takes his drugs
  • Zombie land – Dive it up Zombies on
  • Zoolander – The special face pose by Zoolander appears

Alternatives to movie drinking game

Mustache game

You stick a mustache on your television and when an actor fits it exactly, you raise your glass. Bottom up!


You form two teams and each team chooses one of the characters in the film and as soon as this character appears, the assigned team has to have a drink.

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