Drink Monopoly

For the drinking game Monopoly you need the well-known Monopoly game board and at least four participants. You get the cult game in different versions. For the drinking game, it is irrelevant which edition you use for the drinking monopoly.

Drinking game Monopoly – rules and instructions

At this one Drinking game a lot of high-proof alcohol is consumed. Therefore, only players who have reached the age of 18 should take part. You should also be able to drink if possible.

Required game material for drinking Monopoly

Game sequence in the drinking game Monopoly

First, set up the playing field. Provide shot glasses and alcohol. Sit down with all your fellow players around the field. Instead of buying the streets as usual, you have to bid for them. For example, if you come to Schlossallee and want to buy it, everyone can bid at the auction. The first then offers, for example, 4 glasses, the next offers five, the other six etc. Otherwise the normal rules continue to apply.

Drink instead of money

  • 1 hotel – drink 4 glasses
  • 1 house – 1 glass

If you have come to someone else’s street, you have to drink 1 glass. If there is a house or a hotel there, drink for it. Clarify the rules individually beforehand so that there are no inconsistencies during the game. You can add more game rules. For example, everyone who ends up in jail or comes over LOS has to drink.

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