The Schocken rules of the game are simple and easy to understand. You need a minimum of 4 participants. The playing time is approximately 5 to 15 minutes. And of course you should be very thirsty, because the game cannot be played without drinking a lot. So cheers together and have fun with the game.

Shock rules and game instructions

Shock is one of the most popular drinking games with dice. If you are playing the drinking game with strong alcohol, no participants under the age of 18 should participate.

Required game material for the drinking game shock

  • 1 dice cup per person
  • 3 dice per person
  • 13 coasters
  • alcohol

Game flow of shock

By turning your cup around as the game master, you open the dice round. Now all other players also turn the cup around and the first player begins to roll the dice. He generally has three throws, but the third throw is not revealed. Everyone else can now roll the dice as often as their predecessor and the worst result in this round then gets the corresponding number of coasters.

Possible throw combinations

  • Normal throw – read from highest to lowest number. Example: 5-4-2, 6-5-1. The lowest roll you can roll is 2-2-1. Should such a combination win, the worst player gets a lid.
  • Straight – 4-5-6 – or 1-2-3 would be a straight, with the higher winning. If the same streets are rolled, the one that was rolled first wins. 3-4-5 or 2-3-4 count as a normal throw rather than a straight. Punishment would be two lids.
  • General – double dice. Three lids for the loser.
  • Shock – A combination of two ones and any number is called a shock. You can throw the shock together. It counts higher than roads, generals, and normal throws. If a four was rolled next to the ones, the loser receives four caps.
  • Shock Out – It's made up of three ones. The loser gets all the lids in the game and he loses the round. A hand shock is even higher than a shock that was thrown together.
  • Shock Laule – It consists of three ones in the second throw, whereby the ones can fall over both throws
  • Schock Benni / Schock stupid – It consists of three ones in the third litter, but the litter in the first / second litter already stood and was simply better.

Who loses in shock?

The loser is always the one with the lowest roll. If two players have the same number of eyes, the one whose turn was last to roll the dice loses. The lids are gradually distributed. Whoever got a lid last can start to roll the dice. If there are no more caps in the middle, only other players with a cap are allowed to take part in the round. The game continues and the lids are handed out from the winner to the loser in this case. If a player has all the lids, the round is lost for him. If a player receives several shocks in a round, he has lost accordingly often. Two rounds out, two shocks, etc.

When the first round is over, a second round is played. In the final, the losers from both rounds will then compete against each other. Whoever loses now has to pay for the next drink.

Further rules & variants

shock rules
  • Dropping the dice means giving everyone a round of schnapps.
  • There is a round of schnapps in the event of a handshock.
  • You can forbid playing a 5 or 6 on the first or second roll. This is also called walls.

The tightened version would be if a questioner has to drink a schnapps as soon as he asks a question. The straight must fall with the first throw, otherwise it counts as a normal throw. The cup from the first player is not turned over but it says: “Double on one”. Now the second player must reveal without rolling the dice, then the third, the fourth, etc. If you lose now, you get twice as many lids as in the normal game.

Shock rules explained in the video

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