66 deck of cards (sixty-six)

The card game 66 is played particularly often in Germany and Austria. Sometimes sixty-six is also referred to as Gaigel – especially in Austria and Hungary. The game is very similar to the game Schnapsen , which we explain elsewhere. The name “66” already indicates the goal of the game, because you have to prick 66 eyes.

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66 Card Game Instructions and Rules

The following game material is required for the card game 66 ( Wikipedia ):

  • 2-3 players need a 32 card hand
  • For 4 players, 2 card games of 24 cards each (without the 7s and 8s) are required

Object of the Game 66

The goal of the game in sixty-six is to pierce 66 eyes. With four players you have to collect more, namely 101 eyes.

Card value at sixty-six

The individual card values are broken down as follows:

  • Ace = 11 points
  • Ten = 10 points
  • King = 4 points
  • Queen = 3 points
  • Jack = 2 points
  • Nine , eight and seven = 0 points

Course of the game in the 66 card game

Depending on the number of players (see section game material), the required card hand is shuffled. If there are two players, each of the other players then receives six cards. With three or four players there are 7 cards each. The remaining deck of cards is placed face down in the middle of the table and forms the talon (draw pile). The dealer reveals the top card, which is then the trump suit.

The player to the left of the dealer begins. He discards a card, whereby you neither have to show your colors nor are you forced to take a trick. If he plays a higher card or trump, the trick is his. Any card can also be played, then the trick goes to the opponent. The player who won the trick draws the next card from the talon, then the other. Now the person who stabbed may play his next card, which can then be stabbed again.

The game continues in this way until the entire draw pile is used up or one of the players blocks the talon (see below). Then there is both color and stitch compulsion.

Talon used up or blocked

If the draw pile is completely used up or if one of the players has blocked it, the compulsory color and stabbing applies, whereby the compulsory color comes first. So you shouldn’t play trumps if you could show your colors.

That means … :

  1. it must be stabbed with a higher card of the suit led. If that doesn’t work, then …
  2. must be known with a lower card of the suit led. If that doesn’t work either, then …
  3. must be won with a trump card. If this is also not possible, then …
  4. any card may be played.

A player reports the end of the 66 card game

Signing out means that after winning a trick, one of the players says “I have enough” or “I have enough”. That is, he thinks he has stabbed at least 66 eyes and doesn’t need another card.

Now the game is over. Each of the players counts the eyes they have collected. Points are awarded as follows:

  • If the opponent could not take a trick, the player who signed off wins three points
  • If the opponent scored 32 or fewer points, the player wins two points
  • If the opponent was able to collect 33 or more eyes, the player wins only one point

If the game is canceled by mistake and the player has fewer than the required 66 points, the game is still counted and the game is over. In this case, the opponent receives the number of victory points that the other player would have won had the victory report been correct.

Last stitch

If the card game has not yet been reported “off” before the last card is played, the last card will still be played. The winner of this last trick will receive an additional 10 victory points. If the talon is already blocked at this point, this rule is invalid.

Talon lock

If the player whose turn it is now believes that he can reach 66 points with his hand cards without having to draw another card, he can block the talon by taking the lower face-up card and placing it across the draw pile . In general, it may no longer be tightened.

Now all players have a compulsory color and trick, as described above. If the player actually manages to get the required 66 points in the further game and to declare the end, he has won. If the talon is blocked, it does not matter who gets the last trick. If the player who blocked the talon does not have 66 points or if his opponent reports out beforehand, he is the winner of the round.

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

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