Kniffel Dice Duel

Kniffel Dice Duel Instructions and Rules

The Kniffel Dice Duel is played without a block and still with a lot of fun and excitement. The basic rules are the same as with Kniffel, but as a reward there are points chips. Here it is important to collect many and especially the most valuable. The goal is of course to get a trick. Because then you get a chip of your choice and an additional round. The version of the Kniffel Dice Duel is an exciting and fast game for the whole family.

Lost Kniffel Dice Duel Instructions?

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Contents of the game pack

5 dice
28 rating chips
1 cube plate in a metal box

Rules of the game of Kniffel Dice Duel

The game idea

When it is your turn you can roll the dice up to three times. The player whose turn it is may take appropriate scoring chips according to his result. At the end of the game, the winner is whoever has the most points.

Game preparation

The chips are sorted into the compartments of the dice plate and placed according to their values.


The player who rolls the highest number starts the game. Now the game is played around clockwise. The player in turn throws all 5 dice into the dice plate. A player has three attempts to achieve one of the eight combinations of dice. At the 2. And 3. The player can decide how many dice he wants to continue with.

You just leave the dice you want to keep in front of you and continue with the rest. So you can try to improve your litter. When you continue to roll the dice, dice that were previously laid out can also be taken back in. If the player has the right result sooner, he does not have to continue to roll and can end his turn immediately.

Kniffel Dice Duel combinations

The following 8 results are possible:

2 pairs = 5 points

  • Two fours and two ones add up to five points. The fifth die can show any number. The colors do not matter.

Three of a kind = 10 points

  • The same number can be seen on three dice. The colors don’t matter and the rest of the cubes can show anything.

Small road = 20 points

  • Four numbers follow one another such as 2, 3, 4, and 5. The fifth die can display any number and the colors do not matter.

Flush = 25 points

  • The same color appears on all five dice. The numbers don’t matter here.

Full house – 30 points

  • For example, there are two ones and three fours on the table. The colors are irrelevant here.

Four of a kind = 40 points

  • The same numbers can be seen on four dice and the fifth can display any number. The colors do not matter.

Big Road = 50 points

  • Five consecutive numbers are important here. For example the 1,2,3,4 and 5. The color doesn’t matter.

Kniffel = chip of your choice and one more round

  • If a player has rolled five identical numbers, then he has a trick. Any chip can be taken and it is then another turn.

Collect chips

  • There are only four chips of each type. You should earn at least one chip of each type.
  • If a player has achieved a combination and has ended his turn, he may take a chip.
  • With a trick you take a chip of your choice and can try again.
  • You will not receive a chip if you have not achieved a combination after three throws
  • If you have achieved a combination, but the matching chip is no longer there, you get nothing
  • When a round is over and no player has managed to get a chip, the chip with the highest value is put aside. If someone has a trick, he can also choose from the chips selected on the side.


For everyone to see, each player places his chips face up in front of him. Best in ascending order to get a better overview.


As soon as a player takes the last chip from the dice plate, the game ends. Each player now adds up the values of the chips collected and any bonuses for himself. The winner is the player with the highest number of points.

Bonus points

Gold bonus – 50 points

  • You get a bonus of 50 points if you have collected all 7 different chips.

Silver bonus – 20 points

  • If you only collect 7 different chips, you will receive a bonus of 20 points.

Full stack of 30 points each

  • If you have collected all 4 chips in a combination, there is a bonus of 30 points

Last chip – 20 points

  • The player who takes the last chip from the dice plate receives a bonus of 20 points.

Solo variant

Kniffel Dice Duel can easily be played alone. The rules remain the same and there are only the following differences:

  • The chip with the highest value is taken from the dice plate and set aside if the player cannot take a chip after three throws.
  • There are any 2 chips for a trick. You can also choose from the chips set aside.
  • 1000 points is the highest result

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

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