17 and 4

17 and 4 are the child-friendly variant of the game of chance Black jack which in all casinos and Online casinos the world is played. Also the name 21 is common. The card game Seventeen and Four is usually played with a deck of 52 cards, but you can also use a hand of only 32 cards.

17 and 4 – rules and instructions

The card game 17 and 4 originally comes from the French and was played in the 18th century at the court of King Louis XV. At the beginning of the 20th century, a slightly modified form of Black Jack developed, which is still played in casinos today. Every single player plays against the bank (also known as the dealer or banker).

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  • at least two players (a banker and one or more Punchers .

Required game material

Blackjack rules
  • 1 French deck of 52 cards
  • Gaming chips

If a hand of 52 cards is not available, you can play with only 32 cards

Object of the game 17 and 4

The aim of the card game 17 and 4 is to get as close as possible to the target value “21” with two or more cards and to “outbid” the banker with its value. However, you must not exceed the value of 21, otherwise you are eliminated.

Card value at seventeen and four

The cards have the following count:

  • Ace = 11 points
  • Jack, queen, king = 10 points each
  • Number cards = points according to the value printed on them

Note: The colors have no meaning in this game.

Scored 21 points

17 and 4

As born twenty-one is a hand that consists of an ace and a picture (jack, queen or king) or an ace and a ten. This variant is the best result.

However, you can also reach twenty-one in another way, but this variant does not count as much as that born twenty-one. If two players reach the target value, but in two ways, then the one who got the born twenty-one wins the trick.

If the banker reaches 21 points with two cards, the other players pay double the stake. If another player also has twenty-one points with two cards in hand, in this case he only loses his first bet and does not have to double.

How to play 17 and 4

First you determine the first banker and determine how many rounds should be played per dealer. Then the bank determines the stake – the players also bet, but may not exceed the stake of the banker.

Next, the dealer shuffles the deck of cards and deals each two cards face down, but only receives one. It is played clockwise. The player to the left of the dealer looks at his two cards and decides whether he wants another one. If he thinks he is close enough to the target value of 21, he rejects further cards. If the player has more than twenty-one points in hand, he loses directly and must turn over his hand.

Now it is the turn of the next player and so in turn they are asked for additional cards. Last, the banker reveals his card and draws the second card. If necessary, he can also draw more cards. If the banker exceeds the maximum value of 21, the winnings are divided equally between the remaining players. If the banker scores less than 21 points, only those players who have at least one point more than him win.

The winner of the round is always the one who reaches the 21st or the one who has the closest score. That player then receives the chips from the bank. Warning: The dealer does not receive any winnings from the bank, unless it is the last of the previously agreed rounds and he then passes the bank on to the next player. Then he can keep the entire content.

End of the game at 17 and 4

The game is over when the agreed number of rounds has been played for each banker. The one with the most coins wins the game.

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

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