Shithead (bastard)

The shithead trickery game is also known under the names Karma, Palace or China Hand. Here the players try to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible. Usually the loser receives a penalty that the other players think up beforehand.

Shithead (bastard) Rules & Instructions

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How to play

Players & Cards

The card game can be played by two to five people. It works best with three players. Usually 52 cards are used for this. The order goes from 2 to 10, followed by Jack, Queen, King, Ace. The 2 can be high or low.

Issue cards

  • Decide beforehand who will spend the cards. In a clockwise direction, the deal takes place after each game
  • Each player is given one card face down, then the second and then the third
  • Then the face down cards are again covered by three new cards, but this time they are placed face up
  • The dealer distributes the next cards to the players and each gets three in hand
  • The rest of the pile is placed face down as a draw pile

Before the game begins, each player can swap his hand cards with his face-up cards. Usually one then accepts cards of a lower value.

Play cards

The first player to have a three face up starts the game. If no three is revealed, the player who announces a three in his hand plays. If that doesn't work either, you jump to the fourth and proceed in the same way.

The player who started places a discard pile in the center of the table with any number of the same rank. Then he refills his cards in hand until there are three. In turn it goes on and either you put the appropriate card on top or you have to take the entire discard pile. You can only play cards that have a higher or the same rank as the card that is already on the table. It is always important to never have fewer than three cards in hand. If this is not the case, just retighten. Refilling can of course only be done as long as cards are in stock.

If you have to pick up the pile because you cannot put it down, you add it to your sheet of paper. You are then not allowed to continue playing; it is the turn of the left neighbor. He starts a new discard pile by playing any or a set of cards of the same value. Then the game continues as before. In the round you can only play the cards that are in hand. Only when these are empty can the cards that are on the table be dealt with.

Rules for shithead (bastard)


You can play the 2 on any card and you can play anything on a two


In any round you can play a ten. It doesn't matter which card is there or whether there is none at all. If a ten is played, the discard pile is removed and the same player opens a new pile.

Set of four

If a player manages to play four cards of the same rank one after the other or to add to them, the discard pile is also taken aside. It's his turn again and opens a new pile.

End of the game for Shithead (bastard)

All cards in hand are played, then it goes to the remaining cards. If it doesn't work that you can play with one of your face-up cards, you have to pick up the stack after you have played any of your cards. Then it is the next player's turn and you have to play your hand cards again before you can go to the place cards.

When the hand and the open place cards are used up, you blindly play your face down cards. If the card is playable then it is placed and continued to be played. If not, then lay them down anyway and pick up the discard pile again. Only when all cards have been played again can you go to the face-down place cards.

You are eliminated from the game when hand cards as well as face-down and face-down table cards have been played. At least then you are not the loser. The last place card can only be played if it fits on the stack. If it doesn't, you have to pick up the whole stack and play it again.

The rounds are played until the last player has cards. He is then the loser or is also called the shithead.

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

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