Mau Mau

The card game Mau Mau is played with two to six people and one sheet of skat, if there are more players, it is advisable to play with two sheets of skat. It's a simple game that can be learned very quickly. The game is very popular with children because of its ease. Here we explain the most important rules and most common additions.

Mau Mau rules & instructions

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Data & facts

Age: From age 6
Playing time: 10 to 20 minutes
Player: 2 to 10 players
Category: Card game
First appearance: circa 1930
Publishing company: unknown

Goal from Mau Mau game

mau mau spielThe goal is to be the first to discard all cards. Depending on what has been agreed, the other players can then continue or cancel the game. The other players then add up all the cards that are still in their hand and write them down as minus points.
The game is won by the one who either won the most rounds or who has the fewest negative points.

Game play of Mau Mau

The rules in detail: After a dealer has been chosen, he deals six cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed face down on the table in a pile. The top card is placed next to it upside down. This counts as the first card dealt by the dealer and if it is a jack he can decide which color is played.

Now you play clockwise. Only the same value or the same color can be played. So if a player puts down a 9 of clubs, the next player may only put either a 9 or a cross on it. But if he doesn't have either, he must draw a new card. If this would then pass, he can take it off, otherwise he has to sit out.

  • On a 7, the next player must draw 2 cards.
  • However, if the next player also has a 7, the next player must draw 4 cards, etc.
  • If you discard an 8, the next one is suspended.
  • As soon as you put a jack you have all options.
  • All other cards with numbers and suits have nothing special.

You can always play a jack, regardless of what the person in front plays or places. If you have a jack, you can choose a color that the next player then has to play.

When you put down the penultimate card you say Mau. If this is forgotten you have to draw a card. For the last card you say Mau Mau and if you forget this you have to draw two cards.

mau mau kartenspielCard values

  • Ass    = 11 points
  • King = 10 points
  • lady  = 10 points
  • Jack  = 20 points (wish card)
  • 10 = 10 points
  • 9 =  9 points
  • 8 =  8 points (suspension)
  • 7 =  7 points (draw 2 cards)

These points count for each card and player. If the 7 or 8 are placed twice or three times, the suspension or cards are also drawn. If the seven is placed three times in a row, the last player must draw six cards. One jack after the other trumps the previous one with the card request. (see also Wikipedia )

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

Mau-Mau rules of the game video

Here the rules of the game are explained simply and clearly 🙂

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