Fields and cards at Monopoly

There is at the board game monopoly a multitude of fields and cards, each of which triggers different events or offers possibilities.

Fields and cards at Monopoly

Electricity and water works

If you land at Monopoly on the water or electricity works, you can purchase them. However, only if they have not yet been sold. If someone does not want to buy, they are auctioned off. But only what the player landed on. If it already belongs to another player, the rent is based on the number of points rolled. Then everything still depends on whether the player in question owns one or both works. If he owns one, the rent is 4 times the litter. If the player has both, it is 10 times the throw. In modern versions of Monopoly, electricity and waterworks have been replaced with renewable energy.

The railway stations

You can also purchase every single train station. The player who enters it first has the right to buy it. If he does not want that, he is auctioned according to the Monopoly rules. The amount of the rent is printed on the station card. If a player owns several train stations, the rent increases accordingly.

Event, community and control field

When a player enters one of these spaces, he must take an event or community card from a pile. This can certify various obligations or rights. However, the options are limited. With Monopoly you may have to pay money, e.g. in the form of taxes, or you may have to go to jail. In the same way, the player can get a free ticket at Monopoly, through which he can be released from prison when the time is right. The last two possibilities are that the player has to move his pawn or that he gets money, which is of course the cheapest option.

After the instructions given by the Monopoly card have been followed, the card is put back in the pile, in the bottom position. The card that is used to get out of prison is kept by the respective player and can also be sold to other players at an agreed price at any time. If you come across LOS on a card that tells you to move to a certain space, you get your reward. If you go to jail, this rule doesn’t count. If you land on a tax field, this amount must be paid immediately. If a player is not liquid, he is forced to take out a mortgage.

Parking free

This is the area where you can relax at Monopoly without having any business impairment. So you can still collect the rent and build houses.


There are exactly three reasons why you have to go to jail at Monopoly. First, when you come to the “Go to prison” field. The second option is to “go to jail” and finally if you throw a double three times in a row, as mentioned above. In addition, a player who comes through “LOS” on his way to prison does not receive a salary. This ends his turn and even with a double he is not allowed to roll again.

At the same time, there are 4 ways to get out of prison in Monopoly. First, you can simply pay a € 50 fine before rolling the dice. You have to roll the dice every round you catch, if you double you get free and you have to draw the number immediately. If you enter someone else’s property you will of course pay rent. You can also use the card “You will be released from prison”. Or you buy the card from an opponent and then use it. If a player does not have a double after throwing them three times, he has to pay the fine of 50 € and is free. In other words, you are at the most three laps in the kittchen. When you are in jail at Monopoly, it is by no means impossible to conduct your business. You can buy land from other players and sell them to them, you can collect rent and you can build houses and hotels. If you get to the prison field by throwing you, you are by no means a prisoner at Monopoly, but only a visitor. The prison space should not be confused with the “go to prison” space. With Monopoly these are two different fields.

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