Zombie ball

The game Zombie Ball is a very popular running and throwing game, which is best played outdoors with a large running surface. The age of the players does not play a major role here, but a minimum age of 8 years is recommended.

Zombie Ball Rules & Instructions

No matter whether young or old, everyone will be equally enthusiastic. This game is of course most fun in a large group, but it can also be played by 8 people or more. This game trains the physical strength, reaction, coordination and catching and throwing of each individual well. This game can be used very well for game activities and game parties, or simply for group lessons where you really want to let off steam.

Game rules and process of Zombie Ball

The Gameplay and the items that are required to play the game “Zombie Ball” can be found below:

people :

  • 1 game master
  • from 8 people

material :

  • 2 – 3 dribbling softballs
  • Long benches on the hall walls or something to step on

Game flow of Zombie Ball :

Zombie ball

There are no teams here, everyone plays against everyone. While the game master throws the balls blindly into the playing field, the players run around in the hall. If a player has caught a ball, he is a hunter and can throw anyone he catches. However, you can only take two steps with the ball in your hand. But if you dribble, you can take as many steps as you want. If a player has lost the ball or after an attempt to throw it, whether it was successful or not, the ball is free for everyone and whoever reaches it first can continue.

If a player has been thrown off, he stands aside and yells the name of his thrower until the person named has been thrown off. Then the roaring player can come back into the field and take part. If a hunter’s ball has been caught, the hunter must roar on the bench and shout until the catcher is thrown off. This game is very fast and suitable for all ages. If a player is tired, he can also be thrown to rest and gather new strength. As soon as he is fit again, he can come back into the game at any time.


There are actually no real variants for this game. But with a little ingenuity you can easily convert Zombieball into different versions.

One could play it as a team 2v2 or 4v4, here it would be advisable to wear camisoles or shirts of the same color. Balls of the same color would also be an advantage here.

On the other hand, one could determine exercises which every discarded person has to perform. Suggestions for this would be push-ups, endurance running around the field or other fitness exercises.

Another variant would be to involve the teacher or trainer. This would be the king, so to speak, and nobody is allowed to discard him. If this does happen, the student would be out.

Zombie ball in school

You can find more ideas and tips in the form of pictures Pinterest . We have often found what we are looking for in terms of our rules and instructions.

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