Yellow card / red card

Yellow card and red card – If a player violates the rules of the game, the referee has the option of punishing his offense with a yellow or red card. It is partly at the discretion of the referee which card to take out as a punishment, even if many viewers disagree. Especially in the Bundesliga, in the stadium or on TV, the audience often does not understand when a card has been handed out by the referee.

Rules yellow card & red card in football

➜ Download the official DFB football rules

Warning / yellow card

gelbe karte rote karteA player receives a yellow card if he:

  • repeatedly violates the rules of the game
  • behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner
  • the continuation of the game is delayed
  • complained to the referee
  • disregarded the prescribed distances for throws, corners and free kicks
  • enters the field of play without the referee's permission
  • deliberately leaves the field of play without the referee's permission
  • intentional handball

The punishment of the players is, at least in part, at the discretion of the referee.

In the Bundesliga and the other professional leagues of the DFB, the regulation applies that a player is banned from one game after every yellow card in five championship games of a season.

Expulsion / red card

A player is sent off if he:

  • commits a gross foul
  • commits an assault
  • spits at another person on or next to the field of play
  • a clear scoring chance thwarted by deliberate handball
  • prevents a clear scoring chance, e.g. as the last man, in the form of an “emergency brake”
  • Performs insults and derogatory gestures towards fellow players or other people
  • is cautioned for the second time in the same game

rote Karte

Yellow-red card

The last point is a specialty. If a player commits a second yellow-worthy foul game in a game or behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner, he will be expelled from the field in the form of a yellow-red card. In the professional leagues, the yellow-red card results in a game being suspended, while in the amateur leagues it has no effect on the next game.

After a red card, a player is banned from at least one game. The duration of the suspension is determined by an arbitration board of the DFB.

If a player, for example in the Bundesliga, commits a red worthy foul without the referee or his assistants noticing, he can be banned retrospectively with TV evidence.

➜ Download the official DFB football rules

Yellow card and red card explained in the video

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