The tennis court

The tennis court is rectangular and 23.77 m long. It is 8.23 m wide for single games and 10.97 m wide for double games.

In the middle, the playing field is divided by a net. The net is attached to the outside of the playing field at a height of 1.07 m using a rope with a maximum diameter of 0.8 cm. The net must be stretched so tightly that it completely fills the space between the posts and the field of play. At the same time, it must be so tightly meshed that it can be guaranteed that no ball can fly through the net during the game. In the middle of the field, the net must have a height of 91.4 cm. A net holder, which may be a maximum of 5cm wide, provides the necessary height.

Outside lines at the tennis court

Furthermore, lines are drawn on the playing field. The lines at the ends of the playing field are called baselines and the lines at the sides are called sidelines. Parallel to the net, 2 service lines are applied at a distance of 6.40 m. The 5cm wide service center line exactly in the middle of the field divides the service lines into 2 service fields on each side. Each baseline is in turn divided into 2 halves by a 5cm wide central sign that protrudes 10 cm into the playing field. The other lines of the playing field should be between 2.5 cm and 5 cm wide. However, the baselines, which can be up to 10cm wide, are excluded.

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