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There is a penalty shoot-out in football games where no draw is possible and there has to be a winner. Which includes national and international Cup matches that are played out according to a knockout system. This also applies, for example, to the FIFA World Cup matches after the group stage.

The rules for a penalty shootout in football

If it is after normal playing time in Soccer If there is no winner, there is an extension. And if it’s still a draw after extra time, then the winner is determined on penalties.

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The sequence of the penalty shoot-out

Before the penalty shoot-out begins, the referee decides which goal to shoot at. The captains of both teams then go to the referee, who flips a coin. The winner of the election can decide whether his or the opposing team should start with the penalty shoot-out.
Each team now selects five shooters. The teams usually take turns taking penalties.

In the meantime, however, a new mode has also been tested in which the players shoot in the ABBA system. First, one player from one team takes the penalty and two of the opposing team follow. This system is intended to prevent any potential advantage for the team that started the penalty shoot-out. However, this mode is still in the test phase and has not yet been implemented in a binding manner. If a team is unassailable in front in the penalty shoot-out, it ends immediately. If there is no winner after every five penalties, the penalty shoot-out is continued in the knockout system until a winner is determined. This means that only one player takes the penalty at a time. If one team scores and the other does not, the game is over immediately.

Special features of the penalty kick

Elfmeterschießen RegelnEach penalty kick must be taken by a different shooter. The same shooter may only start again after all players on his team have already taken a penalty. Only players who were on the field of play when the extra time whistled may take part in the penalty kick.

An exception to this is the injury to a goalkeeper. If a goalkeeper injured himself on penalties, he may be replaced by a substitute player if the substitution quota has not yet been reached. If the goalkeeper is expelled from the field in a penalty shoot-out by a yellow-red or red card, he must be replaced by a field player.

If a team has more players on the field than the opponent at the end of the playing time, the surplus players are sorted out in order to have an equal number of shooters.

When the penalty kick is taken, only the shooter, the goalkeeper and the referee are in the penalty area. The rest of the players are in the center circle at this point.

Penalty shootout in English

The word “penalty” is used for the penalty shoot-out abroad or in television broadcasts. However, this has nothing to do with a penalty in ice hockey. Penalty means in football that there is a penalty kick in the penalty area (sixteen meter area) from the penalty spot.

➜ Download the official DFB football rules

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