Rummikub is a modification of the well-known card game Rummy . However, like its “big brother”, it is not played with cards but with number tiles. As early as 1930, this game was played all over the world.

Rummikub rules & instructions

In 1980 it was launched for the first time in Germany by Jumbo Games. Rummikub was voted Game of the Year that same year. The import hit from Israel has been sold around 60 million times in 52 countries and it is run as the world's most popular number game. A game round lasts approx. 60 minutes and is suitable for 2 – 4 players, ages 7 and up.

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Data & facts

Spielalter‎:ab 7 Jahren
Spieldauer:ca. 20-90 Min.
Spieleranzahl‎:2-10 Spieler
Spielart:Strategiespiel, Rommé
Ersterscheinung‎: im Jahr ‎1950
Spieleverlag:Junbo, Hertzano

How to play Rummikub

Depending on the number of players, Rummikub is played with one or more game pieces. A set consists of 106 stones that show the numbers 1 – 13 and are shown in four colors (red, blue, yellow and green). Here, all numbers appear twice and there are also jokers.

At the beginning each player draws 14 game tiles and places them on his or her storage bench. Now, in turn, attempts are made to cast off.

There are two ways to place your stone, either by opening a street – it has to be one color or you lay groups – that is, the same numbers in different colors. For the first “coming out” 30 points are required. If you can't put it down, you have to draw a new piece. In contrast to rummy, you are allowed to take all the numbers on the table apart to form new rows or groups. It is only important that three stones are always next to each other.

The aim of the game is to be the first to put down all of your tiles. There are also two variants of the point system. Either all points of the opponents are added together and the winner counts as plus points or each player who still has stones, these are counted as minus points.

Rummikub rules

Game content

  • 104 pieces
  • 2 wild cards
  • 4 storage benches
  • 1 set of instructions

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

Rummikub rules of the game explained in the video

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