Online casinos have also been legal in Germany since 2017. This is now particularly noticeable in the TV advertising of the various online casinos that are broadcast on TV during the commercials.

The online casino industry has been booming in Germany and Europe for years. Not least fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many gambling halls to close. The offer is continuously growing with new providers, all of whom claim to offer the best online experience.

The best online casinos of all providers

New casino 12/2021:
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100% bonus + 250 free spins
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First deposit bonus: 50 free spins will be credited immediately after the deposit. The other 50 free spins will be credited 24 hours later.
150+ live casino games:
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The minimum deposit for the 100% first deposit bonus with 200 free spins is € 20. Secure up to € 500 in bonus credit.
More than 3000 games:
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Online casino without limits
Receive up to 150 Free Spins every month. The higher you level up, the higher the amount of free spins and the lower the wagers required.
Top online casino with 6000+ games:
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New players receive a welcome package of €200 + 200 Free Spins on their first three deposits upon registration.
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The minimum deposit required to receive 100% first deposit bonus and 200 free spins is 20 EUR.
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100% bonus + 150 free spins
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Unlimited with an EU license
To receive the bonus you need to deposit at least € 20 (or its equivalent). Bonus and free spins must be wagered 50 times before the player can request a withdrawal.
Our recommendation:
€ 500 bonus + 200 free spins
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The minimum deposit required to receive 100% first deposit bonus and 200 free spins is 20 EUR.
Play without betting limits:
€500 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
✔️ Top Live Dealer Games ✔️ Autospin
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Each no deposit casino bonus has a wagering requirement of x40. Such a bonus has a maximum withdrawal limit of x5 the bonus amount received.
Playing without limits:
100% bonus + 120 free spins
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✔️ No 5 second rule ✔️ Table games
Valid Malta license
Welcome bonus with the code WELCOME guarantees 100% on your first deposit up to € 200! For the second deposit you will receive the 100% code HAPPY2WELCOME up to € 50.
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€ 2000 bonus + € 4000 deposit bonus
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1. Deposit € 20 or more and get 400% up to € 2000. 2. Deposit € 20 or more and get 200% up to € 1000.
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€ 1000 bonus + 200 free spins
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The maximum 100% bonus amount for the 1st deposit is € 400. The maximum 75% bonus amount for the 2nd deposit is € 300. The maximum 50% bonus amount for the 3rd deposit is € 300.
New casino for 2022:
4-in-1 Super Bonus Package up to €1000
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Casino games and sports betting under one roof

A list of all online casinos with various advantages

  1. You can find online casinos without limit here
  2. Online casinos without a 5 second rule here in a list
  3. Online casinos without verification & video-ident procedures
  4. Online casinos with starting credit
  5. You can make high stakes in online casinos here
  6. There is a very good chance of winning in these online casinos
  7. You can find new online casinos here
  8. The best real money online casinos can be found in this overview
  9. Over 15 German providers in the online casino test

Here you can quickly lose track and be overwhelmed by the flood of offers. As in every industry that has such a wide range, there are also black sheep in online casinos, offers that are only aimed at certain players and providers who provide unfair service. That's why we want to give you the ultimate guide to online casinos so that you can find the right provider.

To put this guide together, we will first look at the different types of players, followed by the different bonuses that are offered in online casinos. In addition, we will take care of the legal side of online casinos and take a closer look at the different licenses in Europe. We also want to explain to you how you can recognize dubious providers so that you don't accidentally get caught up in the black sheep. Our guide concludes with an explanation of how registration and verification work.

What types of players are there?

You are probably wondering what exactly we mean by player types. Don't worry, we're not going to make a list like “10 things about XYZ”, but rather make a rough classification. This classification is based on the main interests of the different groups in an online casino. With this classification, we want to give you the opportunity to find out your interests and, based on that, to find the right online casino. We'll also be specifying what type of players they are best for when looking at the bonuses.

The beginner

Our first guy is, as the name suggests, an absolute casino novice. This type of customer has little or no experience with the iGaming industry or offline gambling. That is why this type of customer is particularly susceptible to fraudulent or dubious offers because they simply lack experience. If you are one of this type of player, it is important that you choose a casino with open bonus services and a good reputation. You should also make sure that the games are offered in a free demo version so that you can try out the games risk-free. The demo versions also help to become more familiar with slot machines in general. A wide range of options never hurts for all types of players.

The now and then player

These types of customers are players who only play in the online casino every now and then or on special occasions. This type of player has experience with different games and at least superficially knows their way around the industry, so they are less likely to be victims of fraudulent or dubious offers. So if you identify yourself as an “occasional player”, it is important to read the inactivity instructions carefully. High fees can often be hidden here, which are activated after different periods of inactivity. Demo versions are also advantageous for this type of customer, as they allow you to explore new games.

The regular customer

Here, too, the name of the type actually reveals what kind of player it is. This type of player has one or more regular casinos that are played regularly. This type of player does not focus on a certain game category, but uses the entire range of the online casino. If you recognize yourself as a “regular customer”, a large selection is probably the top priority for you. It is important that both classics and the latest games are offered.

So you should look around for a casino that has good cooperations with the major developers in the industry so that the offer can be continuously expanded. You should also make sure that a variety of different reload bonuses are offered.

The high roller

The main difference between the regular customer and the high roller are above all the stakes that are made. While regular customers are satisfied with small bets, the high roller often wants to bet € 10 or more on a spin. This is why it is important for this type of customer to choose a casino that either does not limit the stakes at all or offers high limits. This type of customer also wants some features, so Turbo Spins and the Autoplay feature should definitely not be missing. It is also important for this type of customer that the chosen online casino offers bonuses for high rollers and that the sales conditions are not too high.

The specialist

We called our last type of player the specialist because this type is a customer who primarily focuses on a certain type of game. There are specialists in slot machines, poker, blackjack and so on. For this type of player, it's hard to pinpoint exact features that are important. Of course, the specialty should be available and come up with a wide range, but otherwise each specialist has his own preferences or tactics.

What types of casinos are there?

Just like the players, the casinos can be divided into different types. We were able to identify three different categories. There are the classic online casinos that offer both slot machine games and live dealers; this type of casino is suitable for all types of players.

There are also casinos that also offer both, but require a download, so you have to download the provider's software onto your home computer. These online casinos are particularly suitable for high rollers and regular players, as you can access the offer faster. A big disadvantage is of course that you cannot use the offer on the go. And last but not least, there are specialized online casinos. So these casinos focus either exclusively on the live dealers or on slot machines. Specialized casinos are of course of great interest to the specialists, but it could also be worthwhile to keep an eye on these casinos for high rollers.

The offer in online casinos

A large number of different games are waiting for you in different online casinos. The most popular are of course various slot machines, here you should always make sure to see some of the big names. Names like Pragmatic Play, Novomatic or Merkur refer to reputable providers, but more on that later. Most providers also offer you a wide range of different jackpots, including both progressive and fixed winnings.

But the offers don't stop there. You can also find a variety of different table games at most online casinos. Blackjack and roulette in particular are definitely classic games that are part of the offer and should be available with many variations. But poker is also a popular “guest”, as is entertaining entertainment in the form of baccarat, bingo or game shows. The highlight of every online casino is still the live offer, which delivers the atmosphere of a real casino straight to your home. Thanks to new technologies, the quality of the transmission is getting better from year to year and is already captivating with high-definition HD.

The bonuses in online casinos

Bonuses at online casinos can sometimes vary widely, particularly in terms of size and services. But there are some similarities, for example, welcome bonuses are almost always offered, with which you receive 100% of the amount as bonus credit with the first payout. In most cases this promotion is limited to € 200-500. In most cases, in addition to this bonus, you will receive 100-200 free spins, which are paid out in installments of 20 per day. In a general casino, the bonus amount has to be wagered 30 to 35 times, while the bonus for free spins is often limited to around € 100 and has to be wagered 40 times.

In addition, online casinos like to offer reload bonuses, which are especially interesting for regular customers. You can mostly get the different bonuses by making a deposit. These bonuses are usually linked to a specific day or period. With the reload bonuses in online Casinso you can usually get free spins or deposit bonuses of around 50%. In addition, VIP programs are offered and often special bonuses for high rollers. You should avoid casinos with utopian bonus promises, as these promises usually point to suspicious providers.

What conditions do German casinos have to comply with?

Since July 2021, new rules have been in effect in Germany for online casinos that either already have a German license or are striving to do so. There are also some restrictions on the offer. In the following we will briefly explain the new regulations to you.

€ 1,000 deposit and loss limit

Online casinos that adhere to the rules of the German license have to introduce two limits. You can only deposit € 1,000 per month, if you have reached this limit you cannot make any further deposits in the current month. In addition, customer losses are also limited to € 1,000 per month in order to minimize losses and strengthen player protection. These limits restrict high rollers, especially the deposit limit, which other types of players are less affected by this rule.

A limit of € 1 per spin

In addition, online casinos must ensure that customers can bet a maximum of € 1 per spin, which directly affects the high rollers, which, as already mentioned, often bet in the double-digit euro amount. But regular customers could also be more affected by this regulation. It should also be said that these regulations bypass the online casinos themselves and affect the developers directly, as they often have control over the possible stakes. This regulation also serves to reduce losses.

The minimum spin time is 5 seconds

In addition to the betting limit, the individual spins are further regulated. A spin must always be triggered manually and last at least 5 seconds. This regulation actually affects all types of players, the beginner may not be so affected by it. Especially players who like to play at several machines at the same time are affected by this regulation, especially the specialists and high rollers. However, this regulation drastically increases player protection and should therefore be retained. These regulations also prohibit autoplay features and turbo spins.

Reality check after an hour

The playing time itself is also at least slightly regulated. After an hour of play, customers have to take a 5-minute break during which they cannot play. This should give the customer time to think about continuing the game. In our opinion, this rule does not particularly affect any of the player types. In addition, this regulation has been implemented in many online casinos for a long time.

Panic button and lock register

In addition, a clearly visible panic button must be available in the online casino at all times, with which customers can block themselves for 24 hours. This lock is triggered immediately and can neither be lifted by the player himself nor by the casino. A central blocking register will also be set up with which the customers will be compared during the verification process, in order to ensure that no blocked players register. This register also helps to monitor the deposit and loss limits. Even with this regulation, we do not see any type of player directly affected.

Limited offer

The range of live and table games will also be restricted. Live games are completely prohibited under the new regulations, while table games are currently only available in poker. This is mainly due to the fact that the new regulations leave the lottery monopoly with the federal government. This regulation means that customers, especially the specialists, are only offered a limited or no offer in online casinos with a German license.

Are European Licensed Casinos Legal?

Casinos without a German license are in a legal gray area, as the EU freedom to provide services still applies in this case. Online casinos with EU licenses are currently tolerated in Germany. Only casinos with a German license are 100% legal and can be used without hesitation. Courts are currently discussing whether casinos without a German license are illegal due to the new national gambling agreement.

We therefore recommend observing this development closely and looking for German alternatives in good time. Casinos from outside Europe are generally considered illegal and should not be used. Also because the strict regulations of the EU in terms of player protection and fairness are not guaranteed.

The different European licenses


Curaçao is a Dutch overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea known for its sun, sand and sea. But when it comes to Curacao, casino fans think of blackjack, poker, etc., as the island has become one of the top online casino locations due to its free and open gambling laws. Here are the headquarters of some of the most popular online casino providers.

Be it a live casino, unlimited slot machines or ordinary blackjack or roulette in casinos with a license from Curaçao, you can take advantage of these offers. Curaçao also belongs to the EU, so it has to submit to the tough rules for fairness and player protection. The license indicates a reputable provider.


One of the most widely used licenses, if not the most widely used, in Europe. Licensed by Malta, online casinos can operate in more than 180 countries including Germany. The advantage for players here is that Malta is an EU country, so the license is subject to strict regulations. The most important of these regulations is player protection, which protects potential customers from any form of exploitation, fraud and, at least in part, from gambling addiction.

Malta is particularly relevant for businesses as it is relatively quick and inexpensive to acquire a license in Malta. The operating costs for online casinos in Malta are also very low, as gambling and lottery taxes only make up a small percentage. Just like the license from Curaçao, the license from Malta shows that it is a serious and fair provider.


Estonia has recently opened its market to the international iGaming market and has already attracted a number of providers who are now operating with an Estonian license. Two different licenses must be purchased at the same time. One for general business needs and another specifically for gambling. In particular, the applicant's staff and tax history are checked. Such licenses are granted for a period of 20 years.

As in Germany, providers must offer customers the opportunity to enter themselves directly into the central Estonian blocking register via the website. The license from Estonia is less strict than the German license, but stricter than the one from Curaçao or Malta. Player protection is particularly important in Estonia. We would say that the Estonian license, although only recently on the market, suggests a serious and fair provider.

Recognize dubious online casinos

As already mentioned, there are also some black sheep among online casinos. So that you do not become a victim of a dubious or fraudulent provider, we explain here what you have to pay attention to when registering. One of the best pieces of advice is and remains that you should trust your gut feeling. If something doesn't feel right then don't register with this provider.

The license is the core

The core or foundation for the seriousness of any online casino is the license. If this is missing or information about it is only vaguely available, then it is a dubious provider. You should also always look out for seals of approval from independent institutions such as the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA). No seal of approval is also a good indicator that it is a black sheep.

The games aren't just important for fun

From the games on offer you can often tell whether it is a serious or dubious provider. The big developers check the casinos they work with beforehand to make sure that this is not a scam. Merkur and Novomatic in particular are concerned about their reputation and only want to work with the best. If you notice that an online casino only offers small or unknown developers, then this indicates a dubious provider.

Utopian bonuses with tough waits

If you are promised the blue or the money from the sky when it comes to the bonuses then you can be sure that this is a dubious offer. Even hard bonus operations often point to a black sheep. Turnover service of 50 for bonus and deposit amount has long since ceased to be standard in the industry. The same applies to terms of less than 7 days. Should an online casino put such services in front of your nose then you should look around for an alternative.

Beware of the Bitcoin casinos!

At this point we want to warn against pure crypto casinos. So casinos that only accept deposits in cryptocurrency. Here, the operation is usually carried out without a valid license and the customers' money is stored in one or more opaque wallets. Of course, you can now say that the blockchain doesn't lie and payments can be tracked at any time. That may be, but when the money is gone, then it is gone and, in the worst case, it has already been transferred to the fraudster's account.

Unfortunately, as with normal encrypted transactions, you cannot go to the bank to request a refund. We therefore advise against using this type of online casino. If cryptocurrency is offered with other options, you don't have to worry if the overall package fits, of course.

How do you register and verify in an online casino?

Registration is mandatory in online casinos due to European law. When registering, a superficial check is made that you are over 18 years old and live in a country where the offer is at least tolerated. The steps are almost always similar.

The steps of login / registration:

Step 1: Enter an email address and a password.

Step 2: Select the country and currency and enter a telephone number.

Step 3: Enter your surname, first name, gender and date of birth.

Step 4: Enter your home address and confirm that you are over 18 years old.

The verification will then be carried out a little later. In most cases, you have to upload an identification document with a photo and address to the website of the online casino. The customer service then checks that the address, age and, above all, the name match the data you provided when registering. In addition, the payment methods are verified by comparing the name, place of residence and age of the account holder with your details. This process usually only takes a few days, possibly even a few hours.

Conclusion on online casinos

The world of online casinos can quickly become confusing, but with our guide you should be able to navigate the world of online casinos effectively. You can also avoid the black sheep of the industry thanks to our tips. Before you choose an online casino, you should always be clear about what you would like to have on offer, as well as carefully examine the bonuses and their operations. Finally, all we have to do is to wish you the best of luck and lots of fun.

The best-known and most popular online casinos such as DrückGlück, Sunmaker, MrGreen, Wunderino and Co. can be seen with unusual commercials in almost every break. The licenses of German online casinos will expire in 2019, but you can still play with peace of mind. In addition, there will always be new casinos where you can play without problems.

The reason for legalization within Germany is that Schleswig Holstein granted licenses to online casinos for a short time. As a result, millions of taxpayers' money are now flowing into the state's coffers. So far it is the only German state that has been clever enough to legalize gambling.

Top 10 online casinos

German or European?

The question arises again and again whether one should rather play in an online casino from Germany or Europe. This is relatively easy to answer: It doesn't really matter in which casinos you play online, because the deposit options, data protection, security and legal situation are in many cases the same.

Of course, there are always black sheep among the casino operators. However, these are very rare and they will go away faster than they appeared. Nevertheless, it is advisable to play in a well-known online casino that has been around for a long time. But which online casinos are really recommended?

In our online casino test, we paid particular attention to valid licenses, good payout percentages, an extensive range of games, competent support and unlimited reliability. Every online casino listed in the test was able to convince us on these points.

Online casinos – an overview

Here is the overview of all well-known and reputable online casinos in German.

You should always pay attention to how well you know the language of the online casino if you are not playing at casinos from Germany. The internet is full of gambling providers and each one has a great bonus offer. However, you should not choose an online casino only based on its casino bonus. Although you get free spins with almost every free spins or even if you only deposit with PayPal, it is much more important to pay attention to other things.

Primarily you should play with pleasure and a lot of fun in the casino and not to win a lot of money. So the games are an important part and then the bonuses come.

What should you watch out for in online casinos?

If you are playing at an online casino for the first time, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Read the general terms and conditions and bonus conditions
  • always log in with the correct data and name
  • Test support and ask questions

only then start playing and then note these points:

  • test some games in demo mode
  • start playing with small amounts
  • Keep an eye on cost control
  • Always withdraw winnings immediately

Online casinos put to the test

In order to make the right choice of an online casino you should look at some reviews beforehand. There I get an overview of the pros and cons of the respective casino. It is always the player's choice which online casino he chooses, but such a casino comparison can make the decision easier.

Online casino games not only with real money

In most online casinos, the games can be tested for free and with play money. To do this, you should first log out of your account and then select the game you want. As long as you are logged in, real money amounts are booked – at least in most online casinos – when you start a game.

In the fun game mode, a small amount of play money is credited to you when you open a game and can then test it first. Of course you don't get any real money winnings in the test game, but you at least have the opportunity to try the games extensively.

Game developer

Most online casinos offer slot machine games, and video games from various developers. Many players choose their favorite casino based on the range of games from certain manufacturers. With their software, the developers significantly influence the gaming experience in the online casino. Most online casinos therefore offer a balanced mix of games from different game manufacturers.

The most popular casino games manufacturers

The largest and most popular brand for online casino games is still Merkur . The manufacturer here is the German company Gauselmann. The brand logo with the smiling sun has been known from toy libraries for many decades.

Novomatik is another well-known developer and largest gaming company in Europe. He also equips a number of online casinos with his software, but also operates his own gambling halls and casinos.

Microgaming , headquartered on the Isle of Man, has the largest portfolio of machines for online gaming. Most of the games from this developer can be found in almost all known online casinos.

The online gaming producer NetEnt has already received several awards for the game software it has developed, even if the company has not been around for too long. Gonzo's Quest and Starburst are just two of the highlights among the many NetEnt slot machine games.

In the best online casinos you can also find slot machines from the game developer Play'n Go . The Swedish company's casino games are in great demand with German gamblers and can be found in almost all online gambling halls.

Online casinos can be addicting too!

As with any game of chance, there is also a risk of gambling addiction in online casinos. Those affected or their relatives should not hesitate to seek professional help. The best point of contact, also anonymous if you like, is the website of the state agency for gambling addiction in Bavaria in German-speaking countries. There you can report problems and you get immediate help and support.

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