Online casino real money

Is it advisable to play for real money in an online casino? Whoever plays with real money there can of course also win real money – but also lose!

Real money online casinos

In our test , all providers made a consistently good impression. You can safely deposit and play real money in these online casinos:

How can you play online with real money?

In order to be able to use real money online, one needs means of payment which are accepted. In almost all online casinos you can top up your credit with a credit card. There are also other deposit options such as PayPal, Neteller, Sofortüberweisung and Co. With 99% of online casinos you don't have to worry about the data being stolen or misused, because no online casino could cope with this. It would be made public right away and the casino would have to close. The casino operators live from their customers and players, which is why they do everything to ensure one hundred percent security.

Why deposit real money in the online casino?

Only those who play with real money can win cash! But everyone should be aware that you can just as easily lose. The kick in all of this is clearly that you can win larger sums of real money. Even with smaller stakes, you can win many times over, and that's exactly why there are so many real money players out there! As in casinos or gambling libraries, the thrill and the game are identical to the luck when gambling in online casinos.

Danger of addiction when playing with real money!

Do not play until you are addicted to gambling is a campaign that indicates the risk of addiction. You wouldn't be the first to get addicted to gambling! Gambling stimulates the reward system in the brain and once this is satisfied, the compulsion for further rewards arises. So in any case, absolute caution is required!

Online gambling is currently a legal gray area in Germany, and discussions are becoming more and more frequent, especially when it comes to the black market. Now the government wants to reform the German rules.

Online real money gambling is about to become legal

What changes?

Poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette or sports betting. The online gambling market offers a wide variety of different games. The games of chance are all to be legalized with the renewal of the gaming contract (currently valid until July 1st, 2021). The heads of the federal states are currently discussing this and this reform is to be decided at a conference on March 5th.

With a few rules in mind, an alternative to unauthorized gambling is to be created. Schleswig-Holstein has so far been the only state that has issued licenses for online gaming. With a central gaming authority for the federal states, the remaining federal states of Schleswig-Holstein are now to follow suit.

Reduce illegal online gambling

Since gambling on the Internet is not exempt from the black market either, something should change here. Germany is the largest gaming market in Europe with a turnover of almost € 14 billion per year. Playing in foreign online casinos is part of the “black market” and amounts to around a fifth of the total turnover of € 14 billion.

Thus, the German state loses a lot of taxes, because the German state does not benefit from German players playing in online casinos in other countries. The foreign casinos also had nothing to fear, since the players were allowed to play more or less “legally” in the online casinos. The German law has not yet been able to completely prohibit it. With the reform this should change so that German players only gamble in German licensed casinos.

Online gambling rules with real money

The rules for online gambling are intended to reduce the potential for addiction of gamblers, so that legalization does not result in an increase in the number of gambling addicts. One of them concerns the stake which players are allowed to wager per month. The upper limit is set here at € 1,000. However, the rules do not apply to possible winnings, as these do not count towards the € 1,000 limit.

For the prevention of gambling addicts, an automated system is to be set up, which the providers are to use.

This rule applies to providers of online games of chance: no advertisements for games of chance may be displayed on the Internet, on television or on the radio between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Casino free spins with real money

There are two options for free spins in an online casino. Once a bonus that you get when you meet certain conditions and once the free spin bonus on slot machines, slots or video games. Here we explain exactly the difference to you.

Free spin bonus

For example, some online casinos offer a free play bonus instead of a no deposit bonus. With these bonuses you can play a slot machine with real money and keep the winnings. Of course, the stake is predetermined. This means that you cannot bet € 10 per spin and win € 1000 or more directly. Usually these free spins are awarded with smaller amounts, such as 10 cents per spin. Despite everything, very moderate profits can also be achieved here.

Bonus free spins

Bonus free spins or free spins are an integral part of many real money slot machines. This feature means that if you have three or more identical scatter symbols on the reels you win the bonus round of the free spins. During the free spins, the winnings are often doubled, tripled or even quadrupled. For example, if the winnings in the regular game were € 50 after a round, it would be € 150 or even more during the free spins.

For this reason, casino free spins on slot machines are very popular. Because these bring the highest profit in addition to the bonus rounds. When playing in game libraries you have to push the machines up the risk ladder, only then do you get free spins. It's different with slots in online casinos, because once free spins have been won, the profit increases immediately.

Free spins bonus – real money promotions in the online casino

Almost every real money online casino has special free spins bonus promotions. Therefore, always visit the page with the offers in your favorite casino. Usually there are free spins to be won on selected machines at certain times. In some casinos you can even find special daily offers. Free spins with and without a deposit are also often included in promotions or gift campaigns.

Incidentally, free spins offer the perfect opportunity to test new slots without losing your own money.

Paypal in real money online casino

Only recently have players been able to use PayPal in real money online casino. However, there are not many online casinos where you can deposit and withdraw with PayPal. The American giant resisted for a long time. In 2017, new laws, the legal situation and of course the prospect of a big profit moved Paypal to finally also serve online casinos.

PayPal is probably one of the easiest payment methods on the internet. Once you have registered and created an account, you can pay almost anything online, anywhere. Real money online casinos are now also making use of this easy way, because here you can deposit and play money immediately with just one step. It's not as cumbersome as with credit cards, where you have to enter the long number, the card's expiry date and the security code. In addition, the PayPal payment is just as secure and the money transfer does not involve any risks. In addition, the deposit is available in the casino within a very short time.

There is hardly any other, better protected payment method than PayPal. You don't have to enter any sensitive customer data and just log into the portal with your email address and password. All other personal data remain secret and do not need to be entered anywhere. If you have a PayPal account, you basically simply pay with the email address you have registered there.

Deposit real money with PayPal

As soon as you have registered and logged in to the casino of your choice, you go to the “Cashier” or “Bank”, select the “Deposit” option and then PayPal directly. Now you enter the amount that you want to deposit into your player account. Then you get to the PayPal page, where you log into your personal account with your access data. There you just click on “Pay” and you have the credit on your player account in the casino. Very easily, very safely, very quickly!

Withdraw casino winnings with PayPal

Not every real money online casino that offers PayPal as a deposit method also pays out winnings via it. Therefore, you must first find out about the payment methods on the casino pages. The appropriate information can usually be found on the respective casino website under the terms and conditions or in the FAQs in the help area. In the meantime, however, the uncomplicated payment method is also available for withdrawals in most of the well-known online casinos.

Merkur games online with real money

Real money online casino Merkur games are rare and not found in many casinos . Merkur is the European market leader for gaming machines and slot machines in amusement arcades, casinos and gaming libraries, and the company has also discovered the huge market on the Internet in the meantime.

That is why you can now find a number of Merkur slot machine games on the WorldWideWeb, but they are not offered in every online casino. But there are real Merkur casinos for this and you will find a unique selection of games there. Even if the graphics have not yet undergone great further development and seem out of date, many players still appreciate the retro arcade atmosphere. A visit to a Merkur Casino is therefore definitely worthwhile.

Real money online casinos with Merkur games

So far there are only two online casinos that are officially allowed to call themselves Merkur real money online casinos. On the one hand there is the Sunmaker Casino, as well as the Sunnyplayer Casino and Slots Magic. There are almost all games from the well-known brand with the sun. However, for legal reasons, not all Merkur games can be played from Germany.

The special attraction of Merkur games

Merkur's slot machines are kept simple and simple and not packed with animations and 3D graphics. In addition, most Merkur machines have the popular gambling function of the risk ladder and with it, even small winnings can be pushed up to a respectable yield. The ability to intervene in the game to maximize profits apparently has a great appeal for some players. At least the function is used with pleasure and often and both a little tact and luck are required.

It is similar with the card risk. This is also offered in many Merkur games and here too you gamble your winnings up – or lose them again. You have a 50:50 chance – either red or black – and the deck of cards decides whether you have chosen the right color. However, other game manufacturers have also included this function as gambling in their slot machine games and it is therefore no longer really a special feature of the Merkur slot machine.

Well-known real money Merkur games

  • ODIN
  • 77777

Online casino Merkur the best choice?

The graphics of older and new Merkur games leave something to be desired, because sometimes you think there is an old game library machine in front of you. Somehow, Mercury seems to have stopped in the nineties. Even so, many gamers know and like these video machines and slot machines. They are true retro classics and have therefore lost none of their popularity.

Are Merkur real money online casino games similar to the original arcade?

Many wonder whether the Merkur online games are similar to the originals from the game library and local pub. Yes, we can confirm that because for the most part they work like the original. Even with stationary slot machines there are hardly any real reels turning and here too the symbols are now displayed on a screen, as in online games.

In terms of the course of the game, there are hardly any differences between the two variants, and only the payout mechanics are a bit different between the two versions. The classic gaming devices are limited to a maximum profit or loss per hour and this limitation does not apply to slot machines in online casinos.

Real money online casinos for mobile phones

Mobile online casinos are becoming more and more popular. Which online casino also offers its games for the smartphone or tablet? Do all games work on mobile phones and can you play for real money there? We answer these questions for you here.

Smartphones and tablets don't stop in the gambling industry either. Almost all online casinos offer a mobile version or even an app for gaming fun outside of your own four walls. Playing casino games on the go directly on your mobile phone is the latest trend, that's a promise!

Will the games work on the phone?

In the meantime, the development of mobile apps and web apps is so advanced that you can have unlimited gaming fun in the online casino from almost any device.

Deposits and withdrawals on mobile phones

The security precautions at the mobile casino are no different than when you play at home on the desktop. The most common payment methods are usually available for mobile payment. Deposits and withdrawals are just as secure with the well-known casino operators and are also encrypted via the casino app.

Play with real money through the app

Of course, you can also play with real money using your smartphone, iPhone, tablet and other mobile devices. A sports bet from the subway? No problem! A round at the slot machine in line at the supermarket checkout? Yes sure! A mega profit in the dentist's waiting room? Quite possible too! The new mobile apps will revolutionize your waiting times. Time flies in no time!

Mobile online casino app

Everyone has it, everyone needs it – an app on their mobile phone. Online casinos also offer apps for playing directly on the smartphone. In this case you don't have to play on the casino's website, you simply use the online casino application.

In the meantime, casino apps that can be used to play with real money in online casinos have established themselves on the German market. The most well-known and popular casinos have long been offering the right application software to download from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Apps are a wonderful alternative to casino games on the desktop, because you can keep an eye on your player account while you are on the move, make deposits and withdrawals, play slot machines and place bets.

Some casinos still do not have a mobile app

Some real money online casinos do not yet offer a mobile app, but you can at least use a mobile version for most of them and play directly in your browser. Little by little, however, these online casinos will certainly follow suit and offer a casino app, because the demand from players is growing steadily.

For example, MrGreen currently only offers a mobile casino app for iOS on iTunes; a WebApp programmed with HTML5 is available for Android devices. This adapts to all devices and operating systems and can be used by almost any mobile device. This absolutely doesn’t break the game.

Real money slot machines

In the past, slot machines were only known in game libraries, pubs or petrol stations. Here, too, time and technology have brought new possibilities to light: play slot machines online! Whether on the PC or the mobile phone, these games are a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time. Another advantage of the slot machines on the Internet is that they can be played for free. Where previously you had to use coins or bills in the form of real money to be able to play, here you can play with play money, just for fun!

What exactly are slot machines

As the name suggests, they are electronic machines where you can try your luck with real money. Most of these slot machines are divided into several rows and assigned to any topic. They used to be called slots or slot machines with 3 reels and different symbols. Nowadays, it's more like video machines like a computer game.

How do these real money machines work?

The operation of the slot machines is quite simple. You don't need a high school diploma or skill to use them. There are several control panels which are quickly explained. Select bet, this means the amount of the bet per spin. Selecting paylines means the number of rows or lines on which to win. The higher the stake per line, the higher the total stake, of course, but of course the higher the possible winnings.

Rules for slot machines

Every machine has its own rules. You can usually find this in the menu of the game or there is an extra button in which the instructions are then described. Unfortunately, we cannot describe and globalize the rules more precisely, as every slot machine has different rules. However, a few basic things are the same for 90% of the video machines: there is almost always a wild symbol and a scatter. Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbol and these trigger bonus rounds or free spins.

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