Online casinos with a high chance of winning

In the virtual casino, luck decides the win. However, players can have some influence on the chance of winning. Those who concentrate on games and online casinos with a high chance of winning have better cards. We explain how these games and casinos can be recognized and how the right choice can affect the outcome.

Top 10 online casinos with high odds

What determines the chance of winning in the online casino?

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In the online casino there are basically the same games as in a stationary casino. Slot machines, table and card games shape the picture. In addition, there are now a number of game shows in online casinos that are not found in classic casinos.

The following applies to all games: chance decides whether you win or lose. A distinction must be made here between games with random number generators and games with physical randomness.

Random number generators

Random number generators are used in all virtual slot machines as well as software-based table and card games. A random number generator (RNG) uses an algorithm to simulate certain probabilities of occurrence. At the same time, the algorithm ensures that no patterns can be recognized in the course of events.

If the manufacturer of a game has set the probability of the maximum win at 1: 1,000,000, for example, it takes that many spins on average to trigger this win. In principle, however, the triggering is possible with every rotation. The random number generator decides when the time comes.

Physical coincidence

Physical chance determines the course of games played at the table by human dealers. Examples of this are roulette and blackjack. In roulette, the ball moves in the wheel and ends up randomly on some number. Card games are about the probability of receiving a correct card or combination of cards.

Both with regard to the random number generators and with regard to physical randomness, the following applies: There are fewer online casinos with a high chance of winning, but only games with a high chance of winning. The casinos (usually) do not develop the games themselves. Instead, the titles are leased from manufacturers. The manufacturers of slots, for example, set the payout ratios for their games. In games with fixed rules and playing fields such as roulette and blackjack, the probabilities result from the set of rules.

The Return to Players (RTP) and what it means for players

If you want to play in online casinos with a high chance of winning, you should take a look at the payout ratio. This is also known as Return to Players (RTP) . A slot with an RTP of 95% statistically pays 95% of the stakes back to the players in the form of winnings.

However, an RTP of 95% does not mean that a player can expect a value close to the RTP in a single session. If you bet 100 EUR, you might lose 100 EUR – or win 1500 EUR.

The RTP is an average value that is set statistically over a very large number of game rounds. Specifically, it is about several hundred million to several billion game rounds. It is therefore not possible for a single player to work specifically towards a result close to the RTP.

Still, the RTP is important. If you want to play in online casinos with a high chance of winning, you should turn to games with the highest possible payout ratio. The chances of winning are demonstrably better here.

More and more slots with RTP bandwidths

Especially with slot machines there has recently been something special to be observed: More and more manufacturers are equipping their slots with RTP bandwidths. This means that the game will be published with multiple RTP values. The casinos can then choose the variant they want.

With some slots, the payout ratios range from approx. 88-96%. Players should make sure they are playing a popular game with the best possible RTP. Here again it has to be taken into account that not all RTP values are available in all jurisdictions.

Payout percentages of important casino games

The bandwidth of the payout ratios for slot machines ranges from approx. 80% to 99%. The range is so wide here because the manufacturers have a free hand in the development and do not have to adhere to a fixed set of rules, such as with European roulette.

How are the payout percentages for other games? The payout percentages in video poker (up to 99.5%), blackjack (99.3%) and baccarat (98.8%) are very high. Keno (up to 98%) and European roulette (97.2%) also offer attractive payout rates. Players should play games with RTP values from 97% if possible. American roulette – in which a second zero was integrated – is not one of them with 94.70%.

Increase chances of winning in the online casino: this is how it works

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If you want to act in online casinos with real money and with a high chance of winning, you can give chance at some points on the jumps. However, the trees do not grow into the sky. There are no strategies that can drastically improve your chances of winning. However, selective improvements are definitely possible.

Optimized wagers on progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are slot machines with an additional jackpot function. The most famous title is likely to be Microgaming's Mega Moolah. Here it comes to individual prizes in the double-digit million range.

It is known from some progressive jackpots that the size of the stake influences the chance of the jackpot to a certain extent. Those who play with the maximum possible stake are faced with slightly more favorable opportunities.

Higher RTP through bonus buy function

More and more slot machines are being equipped by creating a bonus buy function. The principle: For a fixed multiple of the regular stake, the bonus round is triggered immediately. How high the necessary multiple is depends on the game mathematics of the slot. If a slot pays out a large part of the winnings in the bonus round, guaranteed access to this is correspondingly more expensive.

Those who choose to do this are often faced with a slightly different RTP. Most of the time, the RTP is better than the total RTP for that game.

Online casinos with a high chance of winning: what role does the license play?

In order to be able to compete in online casinos with a high chance of winning, players should also take a look at the operator's license. The jurisdiction plays an essential role in the design options of the casino. For example, tax framework conditions can mean that games with attractive payout quotas cannot be offered at all.

Employment tax in Germany reduces distribution rates

Germany is an example of this. Here the legislature passed an employment tax of 5.3% in June 2021. This applies to stakes in virtual slots and virtual poker and was introduced by an amendment to the racing betting and lottery law. The tax has to be paid by casinos.

What does the tax mean for casino operators and players? Those who want to play in online casinos with a high chance of winning usually turn to games with an RTP of 97% or higher. However, due to the tax, casinos cannot offer games with such payout percentages. With a payout ratio of 94.7%, there would be nothing left after deducting taxes for casinos. Since the casinos need an additional house edge to cover their costs, the payout rates start at around 93%.

However, this only applies to casinos that are licensed in Germany and affected by the employment tax.

International online casinos with a high chance of winning

Casinos with international licenses do not have to pay the tax to the tax authorities. These casinos are taxed in their licensing country – most countries tax gross gaming revenues instead of stakes. This gives the casinos a lot more leeway when choosing their games. The consequence: the payout ratios at international casinos are higher.

If you want to play in online casinos with a high chance of winning, you should therefore take a look beyond the borders. Casinos with licenses from other EU member states or European overseas territories are just as seriously licensed as German operators and have also been active in this country for many years. The operators mostly offer German-speaking customer service.

Increase chances of winning through bonus

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If online casinos want to start with a high chance of winning, they should take advantage of bonus offers. Due to the intense competition in the market, almost all providers offer some kind of bonus.

Free no deposit bonus

A free no deposit bonus (also known as starting credit ) is a game credit that is made available to new customers without making a deposit. Up to approx. 50 EUR are usual here. There are very strict wagering requirements for such bonuses. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a real profit without making a deposit – and to use this as a basis for further success.

Deposit bonus

With deposit bonuses the first deposit of a new customer is topped up. 100% and more are common. Players who want to act in online casinos with a high chance of winning should definitely take advantage of such deposit bonuses. Wagering requirements do apply – but the bonus increases the overall chances of winning. With a 100% bonus, players can either play twice as many game rounds or double the stake at no higher cost.


In order to be able to win in online casinos with a high chance of winning, high payout ratios are necessary in the long run. The payout ratio increases indirectly when a casino offers cashback. More and more casinos offer daily or weekly cashback – then up to 20%.

Cashback improves long-term results because there are refunds in periods of loss. The following applies: the higher the cashback rate, the shorter the billing intervals and the lower the turnover requirement for cashback, the better.

VIP bonuses

VIP bonuses are another variant of permanent reimbursement for existing customers. Players collect points for playing in the casino and move up to the VIP rank. In the higher ranks there are regular bonuses, free spins, higher cashback rates and other rewards. A well-equipped VIP program can help you compete in online casinos with a high chance of winning.


The odds of winning in the casino are subject to the power of chance. However, there are a few adjustments that players can make. If you want to act in the online casino with high chances of winning, you should consistently play games with the highest possible payout ratio. Bonus offers for new and existing customers are also advantageous.

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