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Of Schmidt Games there is the popular Kniffel as a card Kniffel to play with. Most of them know the dice game Kniffel or Yahtzee and are therefore already familiar with the basic rules. Here it is important to achieve either a point-worthy combination or a large sum as quickly as possible. As with a six-sided die, there are 108 number cards that can be combined. In contrast to the normal trick with the dice, the game ends here, whoever has completely filled in all his fields first. The nice thing about it is that the game can easily be done in twenty minutes.

Cards Kniffel Instructions and Rules

Game equipment

  • 108 number cards (18 each from 1 to 6)
  • 1 block

Game preparation

A player shuffles the number cards thoroughly and then places them face down in the center of the table. Before that, he played five cards from his hand to each player. Then everyone gets a scoring sheet and a pen. Each player writes his name on the score sheet.

Cards Kniffel Accessories

Game play of cards Kniffel

The game starts with the youngest player, then it continues clockwise. When it is your turn, you can choose one of the two actions.

Discard cards and then draw cards

From your own hand you can discard 0 to 5 cards and then pick up just as many cards plus one more if you want. If you have discarded cards they are put on the discard pile. You can never have more than ten cards in your hand.

Danger: You must never take in fewer cards than you discarded!

Play cards, score a field and then draw cards

Here the player can play up to five cards face up and note the total on his pad. If you have more than five cards in your hand before playing, you write down two penalty points for each additional card in the light blue field next to the score.

Danger: Penalty points are not always bad, as they keep you more cards in your hand that you can possibly use for the next combination.

The scoring block

The block is divided into two halves. At the top are the fields for the numbers one to six. If you decide on a number, then you discard the cards and enter the score. In the lower area of the block you always have to hand in five cards everywhere except for Kleine Straße. In the case of the small street, there are only four cards.
With the card kniffle there is also no option to cross a field. Every field has to be filled in if you want to get there. Each player must start the new round with five cards. If he doesn’t have it on hand, then he pulls it up.

The bonus

If you want to achieve the bonus of 35 in the upper part of the scoring block, then you have to achieve 63 points there without penalty. On the contrary, if you have less than 43 points, you will receive 20 minus points as a penalty.

Possible combinations of cards Kniffel


At least three cards must be of the same value. Overall, however, all points are counted towards the scoring.

Four of a kind

In this combination, four cards must have the same value. Here, too, you add up all the eyes as points.

Full house

In a full house, three and two cards must have the same value. No matter which combination you choose, the value is always 25 points for a full house.

Small street

The cards should have four consecutive numbers such as 1-2-3-4 or 2-3-4-5 or 3-4-5-6. If you have done this, you can write down 30 points.

Big street

Same as above, only five consecutive numbers are important here. That would be the 1-2-3-4-5 or the combination of 2-3-4-5-6. There are 40 points to note for this.


For a Kniffel you get 50 points and you need five cards of the same kind. But you can only play the trick once here.

End of the game of cards Kniffel

When a player has filled in his last scoring field, the game ends. The game round that has started is played to the end. Then each player adds up his bonus points and deducts the penalty points. Whoever has the most points left at the end has won and is the winner of Karten Kniffel.


You don’t get any special points for a second trick. In addition, there is no chance in the lower area of the block. It is not listed here.

Explanatory video for Karten Kniffel

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