The party game Twister has become a real classic and is also available in a new design. As usual, the turntable specifies the position on the mat and two additional elements ensure enormous knotting fun.

Twister instructions and rules

Lost instructions?

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Download the instructions as a PDF for free

Game accessories

  • 1 twist mat
  • 1 turntable

Rules of the game by Twister

The twister mat

The 24 big red dots in the four colors yellow, red, green and blue show where to go on the mat.

The Twister turntable

Twister disc

The disc is divided into quarters and each quarter stands for a part of the body. A quarter for the right hand, one for the left hand, one for the right and one for the left foot. In turn, colors are shown in the quarters, which then also indicate which color should be used.

New on the disc are the cloud symbol and the twisted T. The T stands for a crazy move that the referee invents and the players have to perform. The cloud stands for air and that means that the free hand or foot must be stretched in the air.

Start of the game

After the mat is rolled out, a referee turns the disc and two players compete against each other. If the arrow on the disc remains at the red field with a red foot on the left, then the command must also be carried out. In the further course there is of course a risk of knotting on the mat.

Goal of the game

The aim is to be able to stand on the mat as long as possible without falling over.


You should be at least three players, as one player has to act as a referee who turns the needle on the disc and loudly calls out the positions for foot and hand. If there are more than four people then you have to vary in the rounds.

The space for the twister mat should be flat, spacious, and well-lit. The living room floor as well as a terrace or veranda are suitable for this. Playing outside is of course also possible, only when it rains does the mat turn into a mini slide, which can lead to injuries.

It is important to have enough space to avoid rowing limbs and to have room to fall.


Comfortable clothing is very important here. It is also better to be barefoot, as you can slip with socks. With long hair, it is easier to tie them together so that they do not interfere with the game.

Which would also be good if you stretch before the game, as not every muscle is used to these movements.

  • Stand with your legs straight and then stretch your toes. Hold this position for at least ten seconds
  • Twist the torso left and right as far as possible and hold the position for at least ten seconds.

Start of the game

The opponents stand opposite each other with one foot on the yellow and the other on the blue circle.

The referee spins the disc and shouts the order aloud. Each player moves the called body part at the same time to the same color. If a color field is occupied, you decide on a new field.

If a player falls over or touches the mat with his elbow or knee, he is eliminated. The winner is the last player who did not fall over. If you fall over, you could do the referee in the next round.

More tips

  • Keeping your balance is very important, so try not to stretch too far to the next circle
  • Keep your legs firmly on the mat and do not spread too much
  • Stay close to your core and don't bend too far away
  • Tries to push the opponent to the edge of the mat, because this also reduces the number of fields he can choose from
  • Be careful not to accidentally push the opponent off the mat. Block the opponent's movements with your own body

Have fun, be patient, and be athletic while playing. Here you also have the opportunity to laugh a lot at yourself.

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

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