Preparation and start of Monopoly

Prepare Monopoly:

The first thing to do is to determine what goes into a full game of Monopoly. A set consists of a game board, ten pawns, 28 ownership cards, 16 event cards, 16 community cards, 1 set of play money (the exact number of tickets varies from country to country), 32 houses, 12 hotels and 2 dice. So when your Monopoly set is complete, after reading the rules, the fun can begin.

The Monopoly box is perfect for all items. That’s why you should sort everything first so that everything is in order. There is a separate compartment for hotels, one for houses and of course a cash register in which the banknotes can be classified according to their value. This work should be done by a president specifically chosen for the job. However, this president has no advantage in the game at Monopoly, his main role is to manage the bank. If there are more than 5 players, the president himself decides whether he takes part in the game or just manages the bank. In addition to managing the bank, there are also tasks such as managing the houses and hotels, community cards or paying salaries and bonuses as tasks for the president. After that, you should expand the Monopoly game board. Each player receives a pawn that is placed on the LOS field. The order in which the dice are rolled should now also be determined. This is done by all players starting with the banker and rolling the dice with the highest number. If there are two players with the highest number, they must roll again. Now the event and community cards are separated and shuffled. They are then placed on the designated spaces on the game board. Now the board is ready to go with[intlink id=”17″ type=”page”] Monopoly can begin when you already know the rest of the rules.

The Monopoly game begins!
As soon as the goal of the game has been clarified and the preparation for Monopoly has been completed, the game can begin. This part also clarifies important basic terms of Monopoly.

Beginning of the game:

Now the player who previously scored the highest number throws the dice and moves along the Monopoly board in the direction of the arrow. The number of pips on the two dice determines how far he can travel. At the end of his turn he can be confronted with the following actions.

  1. He can buy a piece of land
  2. He may be obliged to pay tax
  3. Under certain circumstances, he can pay rent if the field already belongs to a teammate
  4. He can draw an event or community card
  5. He can go to jail
  6. He can draw his salary. The normal salary is € 200, but should the player go straight to the LOS field, it increases to € 400.

Apart from the salary, the player at Monopoly can only enjoy one of the options, as one or more fields are available for each.

The double:

There is still the possibility to roll a double. A double is a roll in which both dice show the same number. If the player throws a double, he must draw in Monopoly and roll again. If there is another double, he has to move again. Should he then roll another double, he must go to jail. Especially at the end of the game, when everything has been sold and built, a double can be an advantage. However, he has to pay rent every time he steps into a strange field.

The content:

The expression “going over LOS” is equivalent to receiving a salary. There are two ways to get double the salary. First, in Monopoly you can reach the GO field directly or you can come to an event or community field and draw the “Go via GO” card.

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