Either or questions

Here you will find over 125 Either or questions for the popular game to get to know other people better. Regardless of whether it is about new colleagues, friends or a new partner, these questions are a very fun way to get to know each other. The either or game has no age limit, it's great fun for young and old alike and curiosity is definitely satisfied!

Either or questions – guidance, suggestions and ideas

The rules of either-or

The rules of either or are easy to explain, because everyone just has to honestly answer the questions asked. Lying, fussing or suspending is not allowed.


It is best to print out the list of questions, put them on a table or just hold them in your hand. Then you ask the other person question by question. There is no order, you can choose the questions you want to ask next from the many ideas. One starts with the words: “Do you prefer … or …. . When the other person has answered, read the next question aloud.

Either or ask variant 1

The first variant is the most commonly used. There are 2 or more people and one person asks the other a question such as “Sing or dance?” The questioned person must now honestly and sincerely answer what they prefer. It is also not possible to give no answer or to choose both answer options.

Either or questions variant 2

This either or question variant is more about guessing. Slips of paper with terms are distributed or drawn and the term must then be said aloud, the other person should then find the right word for the either or question.

Example: A player draws or chooses the word “Pizza” and the other player must now guess the answer, whether the piece of paper says, for example, “Döner” or “Sushi” or “Burger”. The whole thing can be expanded and given points for each correct answer to the question. At the end you add up the correctly guessed words and convert them into points. The player with the most points wins, of course.

entweder oder fragen beispiele

Either or Questions – over 125 suggestions

Either or questions for new colleagues

Spaghetti or pizza?Coffee or tea?
Soccer or tennis?Bike or car?
Sushi or hamburger?English or French?
Math or languages?Backpack or suitcase?
Pen or pen?Career or family?
Mercedes or Audi? Red or green?
Book or Podcast?Ingenious or creative?
Motorcycle or scooter?Cola or Pepsi?
PC or tablet?Pen or pencil?
Alone or in a team?House or rent?
Sausage or cheese?Boss?
Chaos or order?Windows or Apple?
Netflix or Prime?Hear or see?
iOS or Android?Climate or fresh air?
Landline or cell phone?Laptop or computer
Millionaire or bankruptcyWorking or lounging
Vacation or sickMini or Maxi
Smell or tasteWorkaholic or couch potato
Early or late?Samsung or BlackBerry?
Shirt or sweater?Loud or Soft?
Elevator or stairs?Cornflakes or muesli?
Monday or friday?Breakfast or lunch?
Flexitime or on time?Top or bottom?
Paper or plastic?Saturday or Sunday?
Spoon or fork?Parking garage or parking lot?
Bus or train?Glasses or contact lenses?
Pizza or salad?Suit or casual?

Either or questions for newly in love 18+

Here you see embarrassing and erotic either or questions for adults. You can find a lot more nasty & extreme questions in this post . Here, only 18+ questions were specifically put together and lots of them.

Sex with or without socks?Small or Big Breasts?
Marriage or wild marriageHairy or Shaved?
Taste or smell?Pants or shorts?
Love or just sex?Dressed or Naked?
Green or blue eyes?Swimming pool or lake?
Sex with the ex?Silver or gold?
Dog or cat?Blonde or red?
Chewing gum or smoking?Intelligence or beauty?
Money or sex?Email or post?
Couch or couch?Oral, vaginal or anal?
Shower or tub?Tattoo or piercings?
Call or text?Save or shop?
Cheating or loyal?Poor or rich?
Adventure or caution?Sweater or hoodie?
Night or early riser?With or without a condom?
High heels or Birkenstock?Fetish or no fetish?
Big or smallNarrow or wide?
Swallow or spit?Stripes or Blank?
Top or bottom?Suspenders or naked?
Kamasutra or Dominatrix?Lights on or off?
With or without foreplay?69 or individually?
Missionary or from behind?Petting or traffic?
either ... or
Either … or

Either or questions for parties

Classic or Pop?Rock or hip hop?
Spaghetti or pizza?Ketchup or majo?
Alien or fairy?Chess or Mau Mau?
Intelligence or beauty?Ice cream or cake?
Day or nightRamp pig or gray mouse?
Soccer or ice hockey?Horror movie or porn?
Beer or wine?Britney or Christina?
Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee?Birthday or christmas?
Wax or shave?Cook or order?
Lemon or peach iced tea?Dancing or couch potato?
Crushed ice or ice cubes?Strategy or Shooter?
Chocolate or gummy bears?Costume party or pool party?
Donut or burger?Sweet or salty popcorn?
Watch or play sports?James Bond or Superman?
Vampires or werewolves?Google or Bing?
Buy online or in store?Healthy or Unhealthy Eating?
Lazy or Workaholic?Plague or cholera?
Mattress or water bed?Dragons or unicorns?

Either or family round questions

Children or petsNew Years Eve or Christmas?
Spaghetti or pizza?Thanksgiving or Easter?
Lego or Playmobil?Ken or Barbie?
Mouse or guinea pig?Ice cream or ball?
Turtle or fish?Socks or barefoot?
Apple or Samsung?Mobile phone or tablet?
Nightdress or pajamas?Aunt or uncle?
Sparkling water or still water?Birthday or christmas?
Dolls or diggers?Soup or sauce?
Iced tea or juice?Inside or outside?
Chocolate or gummy bears?Grandma or grandpa?
Sister or brother?Mom or dad?
Swim or splash?Board or card games
Kika or Disney?Donald or Mickey?

In conclusion, it can be said that there are hundreds more either or questions gives. There a no limits to imagination. It is important that there is a counterpart for each question, otherwise the game makes no sense.

Tightened either or rules

Either or questions game
Either or questions

In this game it is also possible to play with stricter rules or questions. For example, you can only say the first word and attach “or” to it and the other person then has to say the counterpart. That would be at Either or questions look like this:

  • Breakfast right? (Answer of the opposite) Having lunch
  • Horror right? (Answer of the opposite) Love movie
  • VW right? (Answer of the opposite) Audi
  • Dog right? (Answer of the opposite) cat
  • Love right? (Answer of the opposite) sex

Advanced grammar;)

According to Duden is the correct spelling “either-or” and the synonyms “alternative” or “choice”. It doesn't have anything to do with this game, but we want to educate people here too! We have saved you another search and you get here not only hundreds of questions but also instructive answers. And with a bit of luck, this will even train you unintentionally;)

Either or questions with Thomas Müller

The national soccer player Thomas Müller asks himself either or questions.

How do you play either or?

Here we explain step by step how to play the game Either or. It can be played with 2 or more people, at parties, at home or at work. If children play along, attention should be paid to age-appropriate either-or questions.

Spielzeit: 30 minutes

Define teammates

First of all, you decide who will take part in the either-or game. You need at least 2 people, there is no upper limit. It is recommended, however, that not too many players take part, as this could result in too much confusion with the questions and answers. It's most fun in a small group, for example with 5 or 6 friends.

Select questions

Next, you can either here choose a questionnaire and print it out, or you can think of your own questions that you want to ask. In order not to delay the start of the game too long, this should be done in advance. As soon as you have put together a well-filled catalog of questions and are in the middle on the table, you can start.

Determine the direction of play

As long as you only play in pairs, you take turns asking each other the either or questions. If you are more of a player, you should first determine the direction in which the questions will be asked in turn – in the best case, clockwise. Another variant is that you choose one of the other players who should answer your question. Then it goes all over the place. The person who answered a question may next ask a question to any other player.

ask questions

It is best to put the either or list of questions in the middle of the table so that everyone can easily reach it. You can also pass it on from person to person. The questions are asked in order, starting from the top. Omitting individual questions is not permitted.

Always answer truthfully

The purpose of the game is to get to know your friends or teammates better. This only works if the either / or questions are answered truthfully. Lying or teasing does not count and exposure is not allowed. If you are convicted of a lie anyway, you have to give one to all players the next time they meet. 😉

The end of the game with either or

The game ends when all questions have been asked. If you want and feel like it, you can also print out or think up further either / or questions.

Either or questions and answers

How many players can take part in either or?

Usually only 2 players play this game. The questioner and the one who answers. This game is rather difficult to implement in groups because there are too many answers and everyone would shout in between. It can also be played at weddings or birthdays, but only with 2 people.

For adults and children either the same or questions?

No. You should definitely look for child-friendly questions for children. Many questions are not suitable for those under the age of 18 or are even too difficult to understand. Therefore, there are an extra number of 18+ questions about either or. Many other fun questions can be thought up for children.

Either or where can you find questions online?

There are some sites on the internet where you can find a lot of either or asking questions. Some are better sorted, others less. Here we have over 125 different ideas Asked by either or questions for all ages.

How many questions are there for the game?

There are endless questions. There is no limit to the imagination. The most important thing is that there must be an answer to every question word. For example, the answer to the sun is moon. But Earth or Mars would also be possible.

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