4 pics 1 word (app)

If you are looking for tricky puzzle fun for in between, you should definitely take a look at “4 Pictures 1 Word”. What do the images shown have in common? Have fun puzzling!

4 pics 1 word – tricky puzzle app

In each round you will be shown 4 pictures. They all have something in common. It can be the color, the place of use or a characteristic. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. The higher you get in the level, the harder the puzzles become.
Below the pictures you can see how many letters the answer word has. There is also a selection of letters that you can use for the answer word.

Wörterrätsel Quiz-App 4Bilder

I’m stuck and now?

Now you have several options, you can ask your friends via Facebook or SMS. Or you use a tip. There are 2 different types:

  • Delete a given letter (garbage can)
  • Show one letter of the answer word (brush)

Each use of a tip costs you coins. You get this when you complete levels. You can use as many tips as you have coins.

4 Bilder 1 Wort 4 Bilder 1 Wort 4 Bilder 1 Wort

The game modes at 4 pics 1 word

Classically according to levels

This mode can be found at the top after starting the game app . It has the biggest “Play” button. Picture puzzles that you have to solve are gradually displayed here.

Daily puzzle

Every day you get a new picture puzzle. This, too, works like any puzzle in classic mode. Find the common ground, complete the puzzle every day and unlock cool stickers. There are also additional prizes to be won by completing special bonus puzzles in this game mode. The first is available after completing 15 daily puzzles.


There are 2 options in this mode, playing in the league and playing with friends. You can invite them via SMS, Facebook or other contact options.
For the league game you have to come up with a name. Then you play against a random player. You have 30 seconds to solve the puzzle. The pictures and the solution letters are gradually faded in. When your time is up, the results are displayed and you can move on to the next puzzle. If you regularly win these games, you can advance to higher leagues and play more difficult puzzles. If you lose too many in between, you will also decline again.

Additional tasks

The main view of the app not only shows the possibility of the individual game modes, but also a small, blue area on the left. It shows a hand holding a target flag. If you tap on it, you will see additional tasks that you can get coins for completing.

How can I customize this app?

On the start screen of the app you will find a wrench in the upper left corner. If you tap on this, you will come to the settings. Here you can choose whether you want to play with sound, display notifications or maybe have already bought a premium version and want to restore it. You can also change your name, report a problem, or view the privacy policy here.

Free or premium?

As with many apps, these are available as a free version with advertising or as a premium version. As already mentioned, there are small advertising banners and large advertisements between the puzzles in the free version. If that bothers you, you can buy the premium version.

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