The Elo system is based on steps of 200 points each in chess, through which the players with the Elo number are qualitatively divided. The probability that a beginner wins against a grandmaster is almost zero percent.

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Chess beginners and grandmasters

In professional tournaments, the Elo classes are now divided into steps of 25 points. Players with the same Elo rating generally have the same high expectation values in chess. It must also be borne in mind that the Elo system in chess is subject to constant inflation, as game theory is constantly being developed. The strength of 1500 Elo points from 1945 corresponds to a strength of almost 2000 Elo points today.

Elo number in chess

The individual ELO values at a glance:

ELO numberExplanation
> 2699Players with such a high rating are known as super grandmasters in chess.
2500 to 2699Players of this skill level are called grandmasters in chess.
2400 to 2499Players of this skill level are called international masters in chess.
2300 to 2399Players of this skill level are known as FIDE masters in chess.
2200 to 2299Players of this skill level are declared national champions in chess.
2100 to 2199Players of this skill level are chess champions.
2000 to 2099Players with an Elo rating of over 2000 are widely considered to be experts in chess.
1800 to 1999Chess is class A amateurs. This skill level is usually reached by very strong club players.
1600 to 1799Chess is a class B amateurs. Experienced recreational players can easily reach this level of play.
1400 to 1599Chess is class C amateurs. These are mostly above-average hobby players.
1200 to 1399Chess is made up of class D amateurs. A normal hobby player usually reaches this level of play.
1000 to 1199An absolutely casual chess player usually has this rating in chess.
<1000Beginners in chess usually have an Elo rating below 1000.

The grand master

Elo number

With this categorical subdivision, however, it must be noted that, for example, the title of Grand Master is not automatically awarded. This is linked to a number of requirements and defined standards. The subdivision shown here also relates to men. For women, values are created that are 200 Elo points lower than those for men.

Some facts about the Elo number in chess:

The general Elo distribution in the population corresponds to the mathematical normal distribution according to Gauss. The scope of an Elo class is exactly 200 points. The profit expectation for the stronger of the two players is exactly 75 percent. If, for example, the fictional player A has an Elo of 2000 and plays a game against the fictitious player B, then his expectation of profit is exactly 75 percent. With a point difference of 400 Elo points, the profit expectation for the stronger player is already 94 percent. With a difference of 600 points, the victory of the weaker player is statistically almost impossible. Click here for the Elo calculator Chess Bundesliga .

Download the instructions as a PDF for free

Explanation of the ELO number and DWZ

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