Real estate at Monopoly

You can only buy land at Monopoly if you land on it by rolling the dice and no one has yet exercised ownership. If the player wants to buy, he pays the purchase price printed on the corresponding card to the bank and receives the card in return, which he has to place face up next to the board.

Buying real estate

But if he doesn't want to buy, the card will be auctioned off among the players. The player who previously declined the purchase can also bid. However, there is no basic requirement. The first binding offer made by a player counts. Any other player can raise it as much as they want. Logically, the highest bidder receives the card.

The monopoly

Of course, after a certain period of time, every player owns some real estate. At Monopoly, a player has the right to demand rent from any player who lands on this field. If a player has all cards of one color, he is entitled to build buildings on them. This is called a monopoly. A monopoly consists of all streets in a city or if one owns all works or public transport.

Claiming the rent

It is already clear that you have to pay rent to land in a field that belongs to someone else. However, with Monopoly it is also the case that the payment of the rent is in the interest of the owner and it is precisely this who has to claim the rent. He can only do this until the next player has rolled the dice. So it is necessary to keep your attention on the Monopoly board. The amount of the rent varies from property to property. It is printed on the map and also depends on whether the property is built on or not. If a player owns all the streets of one color, the rent becomes desperate. This also applies if another street of that color has a mortgage. However, Monopoly does not allow you to ask for rent on a property that has a mortgage on it. You should always make sure that you build houses or hotels, because this potentially increases the income.

Houses and hotels

The basic requirement for being allowed to build houses is that you have all streets of one color. Houses increase the value of a property and thus the rent. The respective costs are recorded on the cards. You can always build houses. You only have to do this between throws, when the president has time. At the same time, with Monopoly, you can only build houses evenly. This means that if a player has already built a house on a street of a certain color group, he must first build a house on the other streets of this color group in order to be allowed to build a second one on the first lot. The maximum number of houses on a street is 4. The dismantling of the houses must be carried out synchronously with the construction. So you have to take one away from each street before pulling off a second one from the first. Monopoly is just a nifty game. If you have a mortgage on one of the plots, you may not build a house on any of the same color group.

For a hotel you have to have 4 houses on one street. When buying the hotel you have to refund the 4 houses to the bank plus the price for another house. It is up to the players to decide on which street of the color group a hotel is built. You should therefore always compare the rental income. The maximum number of hotels is one per property.

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