More Kniffel game variants

Here follows a continuation of the rule changes already proposed by Kniffel. These suggestions for Kniffel game variants can be an incentive for experienced players, but also for newcomers.

Popular Kniffel game variants

A particularly interesting possibility that brings a bit of variety to everyday Kniffel life is the introduction of a “double” and a “double”. A double is made up of 2 doubles, for example 3, 3, 4, 4 and any number. These are added as special throws on the prize card in the table below. With a clever way of playing the game, the “two-of-a-kind” acts as a kind of additional opportunity: if you hold a small road after 2 throws, you can expand it into a large road with the third throw, otherwise the consolation prize is definitely a “ Two pairs “. The situation is similar if, after the first or second roll, a player hits a higher double, a full house or a Trick aims.

Exciting game deviation

The following deviation from Kniffel is also exciting, but associated with a lot of luck: if you manage one of the special throws with all the dice in the cup, it can also be the second or third attempt, the achieved or prescribed number of points is doubled. This form of play is called “Scharfes Kniffel” or “Scharfe Variant”. This rule change is more suited to the “tough gamblers” and “daredevils”, for tacticians and security-conscious players the “sharp game” is at most a nice change.
At Kniffel, there is also the option of having throws that are not required credited to you. This is known as “collecting litters”. If a player rolls a suitable result right away, he can save the two remaining throws as bonus throws for later with this form of kniffle.

Announcement Kniffel, Strict Kniffel and Multiplayer

In the “Strict Kniffel” variant, the boxes are played from the top (ones) in sequence to the last field (chance). A kniffle thrown prematurely is counted as a normal throw in the area of the number fields and only noted if it matches the number field (the sum of the dice's eyes – e.g. 5 x 3 = 15 for the three-way field). In a field of three or four, a kniffel is only considered to be a normal double, in streets it becomes a miss, in a full house field it can be converted into one. Only in the Chance field does it lead to a doubling of points (100 points). It is up to the players whether they want to play with or without 0-rounds.

Announcement Kniffel

In the case of an “announcement kniffel”, the participants have to decide in each round after the first throw which result they want to aim for. This is to be announced loudly and clearly, only then may the second and third throw be carried out. A result may only be entered if the announced goal has been achieved. Here, too, there is the option to play with or without 0-rounds.
A “multiple game” is a combination of the most diverse variations. Several games will be played at the same time, an exact agreement regarding the playing conditions must be made before the start. The game play of Kniffel can be redesigned again and again.

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